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    So close and yet so far.

    First, if you were thinking Bretford was the Apple of VESA mount solutions, you'll be disappointed. There is attention paid to design, for sure - it's absolutely a good-looking mount - but they don't follow through all the way - there are so many places where this is disappointing.

    As many others have said, the packaging is very basic - it feels like a bunch of parts thrown in a box with some styrofoam.

    The instructions are just bad. They've gone for the IKEA-style "no words, just pictures" where a few words would have helped enormously on things to watch out for. In particular, pay attention to the orientation of the circular metal template - it looks symmetrical, but it isn't - it really matters which direction the cutout faces.

    Like others, I'm mystified by the shortness of the mounting bolts - they should be much longer. I don't have a thick desk, but they barely poke through - perhaps a 1/4 inch.

    You'll need a 16mm drill bit and an 8mm drill bit. If all you have are a typical home set of tools, with a handful of basic bits, then you probably won't have these sizes. A trip to the DIY store is called for - you REALLY want to have these exact drill bits.

    Perhaps most disappointing is the vertical height adjustment. The arms can go up and down the central pillar, but once you've found a height, you're supposed to fix them in place - there are bolts that are meant to be screwed in with an Allen wrench to fix it in position.

    The problem is that if you bought this for a sit/stand solution, where you want to adjust the monitor height several times a day, it's not intended for that. Sure, you can leave the bolts unscrewed, and adjust the height, but you then have the hardware poking out the side of the pillar.

    The plastic cap for the top doesn't quite fit perfectly, and leaves a small gap. The "cable management" is fiddly and almost impossible to adjust.

    On the plus side, it's solidly built. And once installed, it looks good. It's better looking than most Ergotrons, but Ergotron seem to put more thought into their practical use and installation.

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    Great Product, A Hassle To Set Up

    When I ordered my new late 2012 27" IMac, this mount seemed like a good deal for the price. When I received the product I was astounded by how poorly it was packaged. I understand that this is not an apple product; however, since every other Item I have ever received from apple has been beautifully packaged, I was expecting a certain level of constancy. Upon opening the shipping box I discovered that the mount was just sitting on the bottom under one piece of styrofoam. One of the bags of screws had been torn, and small parts were strewn all over the place. Ignoring the minor inconvenience of the poor packaging, I decided to set the mount up; however, I quickly discovered that the mounting screws were too short to go through my desk
    (and I don't have a particularly thick desk) this required me to get out my router and create a cavity for the mount to fit in. All hassle aside, this is an excellent product, If only it were easier to set up, and properly packaged.

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