• 4.0 out of 5 stars

    the good the bad and the ugly

    Wow. Beautiful design. Fits two VESA monitors effectively on one stand. Yes! just what i was looking for!

    But my desk is too thick for the bolts they supply. I have a desk that has a top about 1.25 inch thick and the bolts just barely appear through the top of it, not enough to grab the unit. Nothing in the website or the materials says what desk thickness it is designed to handle.. So,
    Call customer service, and am directed immediately to leave a message. No chat help available either. Left a message in the morning and no reply by end of the day! Fortunately I can maneuver around the shop and can find local suppliers of replacement, longer mounting bolts, at my additional expense.

    next, the instructions are in metric (calls for a 8mm and 16mm holes in the desk), while the parts are SAE (1/4 inch and 5/8 inch). Matching the 5 desk mounting screws (through the bottom of the desk into the threaded ports) would be easier if they supplied a drilling template with centered drill points (like my doggie door does) but it took a good deal of finagling to get the five screws matched up with the unit.

    if you can deal with these potential issues, and the total lack of responsiveness from customer (non)-service, the unit is really great! Love it!

    Just be ready to roll up your sleeves...

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Beefy, a little ugly, easy to use

    This product would probably look better if it was shipped better, it arrived with more than a handful of scuffs along the each of it's pieces. It takes about 10 minutes to get up and running. You attach the main pole to your desk first, then attach the arm(s) to a monitor or monitors, then slide it in place, adjust it, tighten it down.

    My arms were a bit tight so I loosened them with an included alan key, it was pretty easy. I like how it's secure but also allow for easy adjustments.

    I wish it didn't arrive all scuffed up.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Seems to work well.

    Tip. Use the supplied mounting plate as a template when drilling into your desk, and drop a bolt or two through the first two holes for proper alignment. Other than a bit tedious to install, im happy with my macbook pro and thunderbolt display sitting over my desk. Works well so far. I did have to rig up a pad for the rear edge of the macbook to keep it from scratching. easy with some adhesive backed foam strips from the hardware store.

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    Good not Great

    I have owned this for about two weeks and it is extremely well build, solid materials and construction. I have it set up with a Thunderbolt Display 27" and an iMac 27" and have had zero problems, supports the weight and the arms are easy to rotate. The only complaint I have is that you can really only position the displays on the x axis and have to unlock the arms to move them on the y axis w/ only about two inches of adjustment at each level. This makes it impossible for me to align the bottom of the display area on both screens its about an 1.5in off. This is a very slight complaint but one that should be made because the Ergotron desk mounts do not have this problem.

    Another thing to consider is cable management, which is amazing unless you forget to connect all your cables when putting it together. For me it is impossible to remove the cable ties when in place, not sure why but I am almost at the point of ripping them out but do not want to damage them. I would recommend that If you do purchase this plan on routing all your cables before you use the cable clamps because they are hard to remove, I had to zip tie additional ones in the back.

    Other then that it is nice being able to rotate my monitors in my room for watching a movie in the bed, or on the other side of the room on the sofa. Saves me from having to buy another TV.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Fantastic product with a few flaws

    This double-arm VESA display mount is incredibly strong, fairly easy to install, and completely revolutionized my desk - the entire surface of my desk is now usable, and my display and MacBook Pro are perfectly positioned ergonomically. Just as great, I now cannot see a single cable - I hate cables, and that makes me happy. The finish on the post matches all my Apple gear, and the actual arms are over-engineered, rock solid, and easy to adjust.

    I have a few criticisms, though. The black plastic cap is ugly (fortunately, it's hidden behind my cinema display). It requires you to drill holes in your desk (no clamp-mount option). Finally, although it includes self-adhesive felt pads designed to protect your lap top from the 4 brackets that hold it in place, it has no felt pads for the four steel bolts that hold those brackets in place. If you don't apply something to protect your computer, they will scratch the heck out of it.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Very good hardware

    We bought these for everyone at our office who uses a MacBook and a second monitor (anywhere from 21-27"). Very well received by everyone.

    With the beautiful integrated stand on the iMacs and Apple Cinema displays, you really won't save a whole lot of desk space -- but for MacBook users with monitors by other manufacturers this setup helps a lot. Plus a room full of them looks really good.

    Only issue: you need to drill 5 holes through the top of your desk. Not a problem for us -- these should last as long as the desks they're mounted to. We're pretty sure we'll keep using them no matter what new machines/monitors we'll buy in the coming years.

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