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Music Downloads

For the best Music Store experience, your Internet connection should be able to download at 128 kbps or faster, particularly when listening to song previews. We recommend that you use the iTunes Music Store with a high-speed Internet connection, such as DSL, cable modem or local area network (LAN).

If this information does not answer your question, please contact us using the form below.

Duplicate Purchase Questions
By default, iTunes will warn you before you download a song you already own. If you would like to re-enable these warnings, click on the link below. We'll launch iTunes and take you to the right screen to turn on the duplicate purchase warnings.
View account information (Opens in iTunes)

Tackle An Error Message
Error messages when using the store may be related to a system update or a temporary network condition which clears up quickly. Make sure your internet connection is active and try again in a few minutes.
Learn about errors

About Interrupted Downloads
iTunes includes several innovative features to ensure that your download will restart the next time you open iTunes-even after a power outage. To find purchased music in iTunes, select Check for Purchased Music under the Advanced menu.
More about interrupted downloads

If you're encountering a problem with a specific song purchased from the iTunes Music Store, please let us know using the form at the bottom of this page.
Troubleshoot a song quality issue

Transfer your music
You can only download your music once. There are many ways to transfer your music from one computer to another.
Learn how to transfer your music

Request Music
We're all ears! We would love to hear about a missing artist or song.
Request a song or artist

Find A Lost File
Try our easy method to locate missing songs: Simply click the Purchased Songs playlist in iTunes to reveal all of your purchased songs.
How to locate downloaded files
How to backup purchased songs

Frequently Asked Questions
More Support Questions

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