Submit your proof of purchase

In order to update your product information in our records, we require a copy of the original proof of purchase. The proof of purchase must be issued by an Apple Authorized Reseller and must meet the following criteria:

  1. The proof of purchase must be legible. Screen shots are not accepted.

  2. The proof of purchase must include the following information:

    • A clear description of the product.
    • The product's date of purchase.
    • An invoice or receipt number.
    • The product's price.
    • The reseller's contact information, and if possible, the reseller's company seal or logo.
  3. The proof of purchase should also include the product's serial number, if the reseller normally lists serial numbers on their invoices.

Please download our fax cover sheet. Print it out on your printer, then fill out all the required information.

Once you're through, please send the cover sheet and your proof of purchase to Apple.

Fax Number:

Mailing Address:
Apple Computer
Customer Services Admin
Attention: Proof of Puchase
Hollyhill Industrial Estate