Xserve 適用的 80GB Serial ATA Apple 硬碟模組

Xserve 適用的 80GB Serial ATA Apple 硬碟模組


Xserve 配備了新一代的熱插拔 80GB 或 750GB Serial ATA Apple Drive Module,提供三個熱插拔硬碟槽,能有高達 2.25TB 的儲存空間。

The Apple Drive Module (ADM) is a hot-pluggable hard drive in a special drive carrier module designed for easy server upgradeability and maintenance. Apple Serial ATA Drive Modules are available in 80GB or 750GB capacities and operate at 7200 rpm. The 80GB drive is equipped with 8MB of disk cache. The new 750GB drive uses perpendicular recording technology to achieve greater capacity while increasing performance and is equipped with 16MB disk cache. Both drives are 24x7 server-class rated and are ideal for applications needing capacity and great storage value with excellent performance.

Using up to three 80GB or 750GB ADMs, the Xserve can be configured from 80GB to 2.25TB of internal storage. Unpopulated bays ship with a blank drive carrier which can be replaced with a drive module at any time - even if the server is running - so its easy to add storage capacity as your server needs grow.

Each ADM has two LED activity lights - one indicating drive activity and one indicating drive status. All Apple Drive Modules support SMART - Self Monitoring and Reporting Technology - allowing the hardware monitoring tools including with Xserve to monitor the status of each hard drive and report pre-failure warnings before problems occur.

Software and Hardware RAID options
Mac OS X Server includes AppleRAID, providing RAID 0 and 1 support through software, allowing you to increase either data redundancy or performance. Xserve features on-line rebuilding of RAID 1 volumes and is able to boot from RAID volumes. Choose any combination of mirroring or striping across the three drive bays. RAID configurations require a minimum of two ADM hard drives. For higher capacities, consider an Xserve RAID with an Apple Fibre Channel PCI card.

Serial ATA hard drives
Serial ATA hard drives combine low cost with excellent performance. Serial ATA drives features a point-to-point interconnect to that each drive is electrically isolated from the other and multiple drives don't compete for bandwidth. The drives have 8MB or 16MB of disk cache, operate at 7,200 revolutions per minute (rpm) and use a protocol that enables fast data transfer to and from the hard drive -- 1.5 gigabytes of data per second.

Apple Drive Module Serial ATA Compatibility
These Serial ATA Apple Drive Modules are qualified for use only with the new Intel-based Xserve. For Xserve RAID or older Xserve (G4 based) products, use the Apple Drive Module with Ultra ATA (parallel) support only. For Xserve G5 systems, use the previous generation Serial ATA drive modules.


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