What are the bank transfer details?

Before Apple can build your order, we must receive payment and clear the funds through your bank. Orders paid for by wire transfer require up to 5 business days for payment processing. To ensure your order is not delayed, please provide your name, surname, and WorldPay reference number and web order number with your payment information. Your WorldPay reference number can be found in in your order acknowledgement e-mail. Orders will be automatically cancelled if your payment is not received within 30 calendar days of the date the orders are placed.

Please transfer your payment to our payment partner WorldPay Ltd.:
Beneficiary Name: WorldPay Customer Payments
Bank Name: The Royal Bank of Scotland
Bank Address: 250 Bishopsgate, London, EC2M 4AA
Account Number: 40087786
Bank Sort Code: 40-50-30

How long does it take to process my payment?

Once you have made your payment as per the instructions on our order acknowledgement email, please allow up to 5 business days for Apple to receive payment via our banking partners WorldPay Ltd. As soon as payment has been received, we will begin to process your order. Please ensure to include the exact amount and your WorldPay payment reference number to avoid delays.

Apple will send you an order confirmation email as soon as we have received your payment.

What can I do to ensure there are no delays in processing my payment?

Ensure to include the payment reference number on your payment and follow the instructions on your order acknowledgement email carefully. Be sure to make your payment out for the correct amount including VAT and shipping charges if applicable.

How do I cancel my order?

If you have not yet forwarded your payment, you can cancel your order by calling Apple Store Customer Service. Orders where no payment has been received will be cancelled automatically after 30 days. If you want to cancel your order and have already forwarded payment, Apple need to wait to receive payment before cancelling your order and we will require your bank details (including IBAN and SWIFT code) to process your refund.

Will you start building my order before your receive my payment?

Once we receive your payment Apple will send you an order confirmation email. We will then start to process your order further and build your items and prepare them for shipment. Once your order has shipped, you will receive a shipment notification email.

Can I change my billing address?

If you have not yet received an order confirmation email, your billing address can be amended. Unfortunately we can not change your billing address after your payment has been settled.