The new IT.

iOS provides a rich set of tools for deployment, device management and distribution of educational content. iOS also enables new ways to promote collaboration and engagement in the classroom. With the right tools, IT can help teachers and students focus on what they do best — teach and learn.

Rapid delivery of content.

Once devices are deployed, additional apps and content can be distributed over the air. iOS updates, apps and content can be cached locally, using Caching Server 2 in OS X Server. This speeds up the download and delivery of content over your institution network.
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Simple setup for learning. Get up and running in no time.

iOS makes it simple for students to get their iOS devices set up straight out of the box. IT can configure devices and provision them to students, and assist students in the process of obtaining a personal Apple ID. Students go through the built-in setup assistant on iPad to customise their device and enable their new Apple ID. Once set up, students gain access to all the great content available for iPad — books, apps and more — wherever they go.

Powerful ways to enable learning. Get the right content for every lesson.

The right apps and books have the power to transform the way students learn. With iOS, your institution has endless options — from bulk purchasing App Store apps to engaging students with Multi‑Touch textbooks from major publishers. By defining your institution’s content strategy, you’ll ensure the best tools are always available for your teachers and students.

Managed distribution.

The Volume Purchase Programme for Education (VPP) makes it easy to buy and deploy apps and books in volume for students, teachers and staff. VPP lets IT purchase apps from the App Store and assign them to users while retaining ownership. Institutions can also purchase Mac apps from the Mac App Store and books from the iBooks Store.
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Easy classroom management. Enable the ideal teaching environment.

With Apple TV, teachers have a new way to encourage collaboration in their classroom. AirPlay mirroring allows teachers to walk around without being constrained to the front of the room, giving them better interaction with their students. AirDrop allows teachers and students to transfer photos, videos or documents between iOS devices — making it easy to share content. And with the help of single app mode, teachers can keep students focused on the task at hand.

Keep students on task.

Single app mode, an extension of iOS’s Guided Access, allows teachers, invigilators and administrators to temporarily limit an iOS device to a single app. IT can enable single app mode wirelessly with MDM, and is a powerful tool to focus attention and secure devices for assessment.

End-to-end security. Protect your students and their work.

iOS has comprehensive security built in, protecting everything from the device hardware, to the OS, to content and apps. This ensures a secure environment for students who use iPad and the work they create. Low-level hardware and firmware features protect against malware and viruses, while high-level OS features allow secure access to personal information, prevent unauthorised use and help thwart attacks. And institutions can be sure that students are using secure apps thanks to App Store review and required app code signing.

iOS also provides encryption for data in transmission, hardware encryption for data stored on the device itself, as well as additional encryption for email and application data — making sure all content on the device is secure. IT can also ensure students are browsing the web safely by configuring a global HTTP proxy to route all wireless traffic through a school’s web filter.