Manage Devices and Content in the Classroom. It’s never been easier to deploy iPad and Mac.

Tools that make it easy. Enrol. Set up. And Go.

At Apple, we want to empower educators to help students find their passions. With a complete solution that streamlines the management and distribution of your institution’s devices — from start to finish — you can help students and teachers get up and running quickly. iPad and Mac are easy to set up and manage, opening up a world of resources — all just a tap away.

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The right solution.

Deploying iPad and Mac throughout your institution has never been easier. With a robust wireless network and a mobile device management (MDM) solution, you can easily set up iPad and Mac. MDM lets you establish accounts, set policies and restrictions, query devices, and even distribute applications and books. It’s the first step to getting your teachers and students up and running.
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Automate enrolment.

Automatically enrol iPad and Mac into your MDM solution to ensure all your devices are properly configured from the start — without ever touching the device. With the Device Enrolment Programme, you can lock devices into MDM, customise settings for your institution, and streamline the setup process so teachers and students can get going straight out of the box.
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Purchase and distribute apps and books.

With iPad and Mac, you have access to apps and books that cover a wide range of subjects for every year and learning style. The Volume Purchase Programme makes it simple for you to find, buy and wirelessly distribute apps and books across your institution. Give teachers the opportunity to discover the right learning materials for their students. With over 75,000 educational apps and books on most topics, teachers have everything they need to inspire their students.
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