Mac. Incredibly powerful, yet incredibly easy to use. For nearly 30 years, the Mac has given students the power to create in the classroom. And it continues to help unleash the potential in every learner.

Powerful Apps from Apple. Your classroom’s full of possibilities.

With Mac in your class, students have access to powerful apps to produce exceptional work. What they’ll create will surprise you. Over and over again.

Pages. Numbers. Keynote. Brilliant ways to keep your class productive.

With Mac and these powerful apps, students write, analyse data and present their work in engaging ways. In Pages, you and your students can design stunning newsletters, book reports, flyers and more. For data-rich projects, Numbers helps students build tables, charts and graphs that jump off the page. With Keynote, students and teachers can create presentations with stunning transitions, 3D charts and video. Each app includes templates to get you off to a great start. And they’re compatible with Microsoft Office, so it’s easy to share files with PC users. With iCloud, you can access your documents, presentations and spreadsheets from any device you’re using.

Photos. iMovie. GarageBand. If students can imagine it, they can create it.

These powerful apps come as standard on every Mac, and they bring out the creative side of students and teachers alike. Photos makes it easy to put together captivating slideshows, make a photo book to recap the school year or chronicle a field trip with snapshots. With iMovie, your class can use simple yet powerful editing tools to create video projects, like a documentary on a student election or a trailer for a school play. And with GarageBand, students can record, edit and mix their own music or sound effects for any project. The possibilities for your classroom are endless.

Pro apps from Apple. Take creativity to the next level.

When curious minds meet Mac, amazing things happen. And with Final Cut Pro X and Logic Pro X, you and your students can produce incredible creative projects with the same tools the pros use. These apps (sold separately) let your classroom take full advantage of the power of the Mac to enhance photographs, make music and edit video. Just like the pros do in the real world.

Mac App Store. There’s always something more to learn.

The Mac App Store is packed with education apps to help your students learn and create.
Whether they’re using flash cards to practise vocabulary or high-powered statistical tools for maths,
you’ll be amazed at what Mac apps can add to your lessons.

Find new ways to make your lessons click.

The Mac becomes a more powerful learning tool every time you add a new app. Let your students explore a 3D model of the skeletal system with an anatomy app. Teach about parliamentary systems with an app that turns data into visually stunning charts and graphs. Or find an art history app that gives your students a close-up look at museum masterpieces around the world. It’s easy to search the Mac App Store and find an app (or two or three) to enhance almost any lesson.

Spend less time preparing and more time teaching.

The Mac App Store is filled with educational apps that students will love. But you’ll also find apps designed just for teachers. Organise your lessons for the day, homework for the week and school meetings for the entire year with one of many great planning apps. Or use a popular mind-mapping app to improve brainstorming sessions with other teachers and administrators. There are even apps to help you mark essays more efficiently or create an interactive quiz in minutes.

iBooks. A smart way for classrooms to stay well-read.

iBooks is stacked with materials to help you teach practically any subject. These interactive books
take full advantage of what Mac can do, so you’ll get the full effect of what your students can do.

Books they won’t want to put down.

iBooks has a massive selection of books for your class. Discover children’s books, classic novels, biographies, reference guides and textbooks from major education publishers. And many of them are free. You can find curriculum-based textbooks and even customised books created by other teachers. Students can use the iBooks app to download your selected books directly onto Mac or iPad, so they always have access to a locker’s worth of textbooks — or even an entire library. And with iCloud, they can access their books wherever they go, on any device they use — Mac, iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.

Textbooks that aren't so by the book.

Many textbooks from major education publishers are made specifically for iBooks, taking full advantage of the capabilities of Mac. Students can dive into a dynamic timeline about ancient Egypt, rotate a 3D red blood cell or take an interactive chapter-review quiz. If they don’t know the definition of a word, one click pulls it up. They can highlight or underline text, make quick notes and create study cards to review later. Studying is an immersive, interactive experience that goes well beyond the words on the page.
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iBooks Author. Teach your way. With your materials.

With iBooks Author on your Mac, you can create your own interactive materials for iPad and Mac that work best for your students. Because no one knows what they need — or how they learn — better than you.

Show them everything you know.

iBooks Author is a free app that helps you make Multi‑Touch books for iPad and Mac. So you can teach your subject your way. Create materials tailored to your lesson and class level. Make books for different student levels. Teach a topic from your unique perspective. Or fill a gap in your existing course materials. You can even use iBooks Author to design an interactive report card. Or have your students use it to make portfolios, class newsletters or yearbooks.
See what students and teachers are creating with iBooks Author

Take reading beyond the page.

iBooks Author makes it easy to create books that tell a story with video, audio, scrolling sidebars, even 3D objects — iPad or Mac bring them all to life. Get started with beautiful built-in templates, then customise content by dragging and dropping everything in. Include a video or an audio clip on your subject. And just like that, your customised book is ready for class.
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Volume Purchase Programme

With the Volume Purchase Programme, we’ve made it easy for educational institutions to purchase Mac apps and books in volume.
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iTunes U. Full of bright ideas.

iTunes U is a destination within iTunes solely dedicated to great educational content. It’s filled with countless learning resources like lectures, videos, books and more. And it’s all free.

Teach with content from top institutions.

iTunes U is an ever-growing collection of educational content from institutions around the world, where you can access over 750,000 resources on every topic. It’s easy to use iTunes U materials to complement your lessons. You can bring in an MIT physicist as a guest lecturer. Let history speak for itself with archival films from the Library of Congress. Or add to a maths lesson with an origami tutorial from the Asian Art Museum. Whatever you’re teaching, you can find resources to help your students gain a deeper understanding of the lesson at hand.
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Apple TV and Mac. Watch and learn.

With Apple TV, you can use AirPlay to wirelessly stream the content on a Mac to any HDTV. Use it to lead a class brainstorming session or present a lesson. Or have students connect their Mac to share their work, give group feedback and collaborate on projects — all via the big screen.

Mac and Special Education. Putting the power in students’ hands.

The accessibility features in the Mac make it a powerful learning tool for students with special needs. It comes with a screen reader, closed-captioned support and other innovative accessibility features — straight out of the box. For students with cognitive, physical or other disabilities, Mac opens up incredible possibilities for learning.
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