“Hey Siri, what’s the best pizza place in town?”

“Hey Siri, who sings this song?”

“Hey Siri, what films are showing today?”

“Hey Siri, when is sunset in Paris?”

“Hey Siri, play some jazz”

Talk to Siri as you would to a friend and it can help you get things done — like sending messages, making calls and finding restaurants. You can ask Siri to show you the Orion constellation or to flip a coin. Siri works hands-free, so you can ask it to show you the best route home and what your ETA is while driving. It works with HomeKit to let your voice be the remote control for connected products in your home. And it’s tuned in to the world, working with Wikipedia, Yelp, Rotten Tomatoes, Shazam and other online services to get you even more answers. The more you use Siri, the more you’ll realise how great it is. And just how much it can do for you.