Apple’s Job Creation in Europe

Throughout our history, we’ve designed entirely new products — and established entirely new industries — by focusing on innovation. That hard work and dedication has helped create over 1.4 million jobs across Europe. These are jobs at Apple, and at developers and businesses supported by Apple, that did not exist before we launched the revolutionary App Store less than eight years ago. The iOS ecosystem is thriving in Europe, where some of the most artistic and creative developers in the world are starting new companies and sustaining over a million jobs. Developers in Europe have so far earned $11.2 billion from App Store sales worldwide and this continues to grow every day.


jobs created or supported by Apple in Europe

The numbers at a glance

  • 1.2m

    jobs attributable to the iOS and App Store ecosystem1

  • 241,000

    European jobs created at other companies as a result of Apple’s spend and growth2

  • 22,000

    Apple employees in Europe

The App Economy

With more than 1.5 million apps, the App Store has created an entirely new industry: iOS app design and development.

Since we ignited the app revolution in 2008, Apple has helped create over 1.2 million jobs in Europe as part of the iOS ecosystem. Of the more than €36.5 billion earned from App Store sales worldwide, €10.2 billion has been paid to developers in Europe.

This job growth for coders, developers, entrepreneurs and others would not have existed without Apple’s innovation and technology.

The numbers at a glance

  • 1.2m

    jobs attributable to the iOS and App Store ecosystem

  • 2.96m

    registered developers in Europe

  • €10.2bn

    earned by Europe‑based developers

Registered developers by selected countries

Spotlight on Developers

The App Store creates enormous opportunities for European developers and enables them to bring their apps to millions of customers around the world.

“We created Babbel so people from around the world could easily learn a language, while having fun and staying motivated. We brought this vision to life when the app launched on the App Store in 2010. Over half a decade later, and the results have been outstanding — Babbel sees 120,000 downloads per day, and hosts 8,500 hours of learning content. We’re so proud of the community we’ve built — with 350 employees across Berlin and New York, and our incredible educational content providers. The App Store has been one of the most important factors for our growth, and the opportunities it’s enabled are simply endless.”
- Markus Witte, Founder and CEO, Babbel, Germany

“As I was waiting in line at my university, with my very first iPhone in hand, I can vividly recall the moment when the concept for the Qurami app was born. Apple’s continued innovation inspires us to create the best mobile experiences and make our customers’ lives just a little bit easier. Apple’s app ecosystem is the anchor for our business, and developing across Apple’s operating systems has enabled us to easily and quickly bring the Qurami experience to iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch users.”
- Roberto Macina, Founder and CEO, Qurami, Italy

Jobs at Apple

The number of Apple jobs based in Europe has grown substantially to 22,000. These jobs require people with a wide variety of skills — including sales, supply chain and risk management, operations, manufacturing and customer service.

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  • 22,00

    Apple employees in Europe

  • 10,000

    Europe-based Advisors and customer service employees supporting AppleCare

  • 19

    European countries with Apple employees

Apple jobs by selected countries

Spotlight on Cork

Apple is proud to have been doing business in Cork, Ireland since 1980. We now directly employ over 5,500 people across the country, up more than 30 per cent over the last 12 months. Since 2012, we’ve invested nearly €140 million to develop a modern campus for our fast-growing employee base at Hollyhill, and we are thrilled to be expanding our campus with a new building that will provide stunning new space for 1,000 more employees.

  • Apple is Cork’s largest private employer, the senior management are Irish, and most have been with Apple for over two decades.

  • Apple’s nearly €140 million investment in Cork since 2012 has supported over 2,500 additional jobs locally, providing services such as facilities, catering, security, recruitment, printing, fulfilment and maintenance.

We are thrilled to continue expanding in Cork. Our current building was certified with the “Excellent” rating according to BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method), the leading international standard for best practice in sustainable building, and we expect the new building to be just as great.

Environmental Background on Our Cork Facility

  • The facility runs entirely on renewable energy and features solar panels, smart lighting, and installations for rainwater harvesting on the roof.

  • Highly efficient “active facades”, two layers of glass help to naturally control the interior temperature.

  • Our campus has been awarded a Zero Waste to Landfill certification, with onsite reuse and reclamation that even reuses cooking oil from Caffe Macs (our cafeteria) to produce biodiesel.

Apple Retail Stores

Our 109 European retail stores welcome tens of millions of customers to shopping centres and high streets across the continent every year, benefiting merchants in each location. Each store averages around 100 employees — the majority of whom work full-time. Unlike many retailers, Apple Store employees who work part-time are eligible for the same benefits as our full-time staff, including health insurance, the employee stock purchase plan and Apple’s new stock ownership programme.


retail employees across Europe


stores in nine European countries


locally hired employees per store on average

Apple Suppliers in Europe

Europe is home to some of our most important suppliers and our spend with them creates jobs and economic growth across the continent. These companies play a significant role in our ability to deliver amazing products, services and experiences to our customers around the world every day. They are also major contributors in their countries, including such areas as manufacturing, materials and assembly.


suppliers based in Europe


European countries providing parts, materials or equipment for Apple products

Spotlight on Supplier Partners


German manufacturer Seele creates the glass for Apple’s iconic new campus in Cupertino, as well as retail stores and other buildings across five continents.

With over 1,000 employees, the company is widely recognised for having some of the best engineering talent and most advanced aluminium, steel and glass fabrication in the world. Seele has worked with Apple on more than 60 stores, including the glass cube design of the Fifth Avenue store in New York.

For Apple Campus 2, Seele crafted thousands of pieces of structural glass for the building’s exterior, interior and canopy. Together, these pieces measure a total area of over 91,000 square metres. Since 2001, our partnership has pushed glass fabrication and design to an entirely new level, including advancements that made it possible to create glass panels in sizes never before produced.

Laboratorio Elettrofisico

Milan-based Laboratorio Elettrofisico designs and manufactures high-precision magnetisation and measuring equipment. Their technology enables some of the industry-leading magnetic features found in Apple products. LE has been a leader in magnetics engineering and equipment for nearly 60 years with offices in the United States, India and China.

Retail Restoration

Many of Europe’s most memorable Apple Stores are located in historic buildings that have been meticulously restored to reflect their former glory. Some of these buildings endured decades of neglect. Apple employs local artisans, vendors and contractors who understand the materials and architectural period details. For many of its stores, Apple works painstakingly to restore buildings in a way that honours the rich heritage of the locations where we operate.

For our store on the Ku’damm in Berlin, we sourced the original Kirchheimer Muschelkalk stone from a quarry near Kirchheim. The stone was installed by Gebauer, a multi-generational family business based in Berlin. The interior’s signature charred plaster works were done by Ettenheim’s Marko GmbH.

‘MEMS’ Manufacturing and Development

Many of the Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) in Apple products are designed and manufactured in Europe. Measured in microns, MEMS components help power the sensors and audio capabilities that make our devices simple and intuitive to use. Our work with European partners has led to significant advancements in the accelerometers, gyroscopes, microphones and embedded sensors found in our products. The manufacturing and sourcing associated with these components has resulted in thousands of jobs at multiple locations in Austria, France, Germany, Italy and Malta.

Apple Premium Resellers

There are 600 Apple Premium Resellers across Europe that offer the complete range of Apple products — Mac, iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, Apple TV and iPod, plus a full complement of software and accessories — so customers can find everything they need in one place that is devoted exclusively to Apple.

Each Apple Premium Reseller employs a varying number of people. Taking a conservative estimate of four employees per store means that an additional 2,400 people are employed in Apple-related retail stores.