What is the difference between the B&W A7 and the Zeppelin Air from a sound quality point of view?

I am looking for the one with the best audio quality.

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    I've had both and enjoyed the Zeppelin, but replaced it with the A7. I wish I had taken the time to listen to them side by side, but I difference was still clear when I received the A7. I don't have the vocabulary of the audiophiles, so I'll do the best I can. There's absolutely no distortion with the A7 even at full volume whereas the Zeppelin distorted ever so slightly. I was also able to enjoy a more spacious sound from the A7 and more pronounced bass. I'd guess it's due to the new design. As I'm writing this review, I listening to a Tracy Chappman track and she sounds lie she's sitting in the room with me. Everything is so unbelievably clear. I warned you my vocab was less than par...Anyways, I hope this helps:)

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  • They are very close but I feel the A7 is better. I own both and the A7 seems to have that little extra in both the bottom and top end.. I also have the A5 and frankly, the average listener (my wife's opinion) will not notice much difference between all of them. They are all great products.

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  • I compared A7 and Zeppelin Air side by side at my home. Both are equally good at most of the frequencies of my music. But, I felt A7 sounded better at certain mid and low frequencies, but that comes with additional 200$. I returned ZA.

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  • I have listened to both side by side. I can say the difference is light and day. The zep is good but the A7 is a HI-FI replacement. The A7 sounds *much* more open compared to the Zep. The Zep sounds 'Cloudy' almost like you have cotton wool in your ears compared. Audition the A7 and the Zep will never sound the same again.

    If you have money for either there is no decision to be made just get the A7.

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  • I don't think the difference is night and day like others have said but you can definitely tell the difference. I have an A5, Zeppelin Air, and an A7 and I rank them in that order with the A7 being the best of the 3. The lows of the A7 really trump the Zeppelin and the A5's lows don't really compare to either. Not saying the A5 is bad by any means, B&W doesn't make a bad product.

    For me the biggest advantage is the size. The size of the A5 & A7 is great, they're easy to place around the house. The Zeppelin is a little bit tougher to find a spot for being its such an awkward shape.

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