Which is better (in terms of sound, quality, and durability) B&O H6 or B&W P7?

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    Both are great headphones, if you want bass the P7s will push out higher bass. Both headphones have great sound and are of high quality. However, for me the H6 blocked out more external sound than the P7s so I went with the H6 as they fit better, and heavy bass wasn't important to me.

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  • Hi. I have had my H6 for over one and a half year now. My experience so far has been:

    The have taken quite a beating, but the mechanical parts of the headphones are untouched. They have experienced runs in negative 25 degrees celcius. They have been put through more of a rough time than what is intended, but they have survived. I've slept with them on for over 200 nights in the period i've owned them, and the leather is first now beginning to rift slightly. This is not something i worry about though.
    Overall i give it a 9/10

    The sound quality of these things are amazing. Before these i had only tried some mid range headphones from AKG. The difference is enormous. All the sounds are clearer, the bass is more toned, there is less noise, and you get more immersed into the music. The only thing that pulls down is the weak bass. If you are like me and do not listen to that bass heavy music, it might be a selling point over the P7, because i find the design of the H6 superior.
    Give it a 8/10

    Excellent. Hardly notice them while in use. Easy 10/10

    I am also now getting a pair of the P7 headset after i tested them this week. My H6 are better looking and something to wear for lectures etc. but the P7 is for the best experience.

    Build: Pretty solid, less likely to take damage as far as i can tell. Felt really sturdy. Also slightly better isolated from the outside world

    Sound: The best sounding headset i've tried. May not be as clear as the H6 but nothing my ears can notice. However the overall sound is much richer due to the deeper and stronger bass. The sound specter of the headphones feel twice that of the H6 when listening to songs that utilize the entire range. With the music I listen to (which is pretty much everything), I could not find a song that sounded better on the H6. Some songs came close but the P7 just sounded richer and less flat.
    Easy 10/10

    Nice materials, bit tighter fit, bit smaller ear space. 9/10

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  • I found the B&W P7 less comfortable to wear. They have too much clamping pressure. I also didn't feel they carry the traditional B&W loudspeaker sound I was expecting. Sound quality wise the H6 are more revealing and natural (normally B&W loudspeaker traits!) while the P7 are more engaging (think bass) but sound stage feel more compressed. So it depends on what you listen to. For Jazz, Classical, Vocal I would vote H6. For Rock, Pop etc. I would consider the P7 BUT I'm not sure I could comfortably wear the P7 for hours at at time as I found them putting way to much pressure around my ears.

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  • I have tried both, Beverly Hills has stores dedicated to the companies, both headphones are great and I can't really tell the difference. I have tried the Best Bose Headphones, Harman Kardon, Sony, and Beats, none compare to the H6 or P7. You cannot compare those headphones to top quality handmade products like the H6 and P7. I think it all comes down to personal opinion. Either one is amazing and a overall great product.

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  • Trust me, get the p7. It is a million times better in terms of enjoying your music on portable devices. The music is so much more enjoyable than H6. Maybe if you have something heavy to drive the H6, it will sound good, but definitely not on an iPhone etc...it lacks soul. I returned it and got the P7 as it is just an amazing headphone. Listen to both and you will realize the difference.

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  • Very important to try them on. I found the p7 very uncomfortable. Much heavier and very tight over the ears. The H6 are much lighter and softer. But if you love thumping bass, the P7 is better, though no headphone delivers anything like you get from regular speakers and a great subwoofer. I find the H6 perfect for jazz, classical, new age, pop, etc. For hard rock and other bass-driven music, I prefer my stereo system to any headphones.

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  • I think B&W P7 has more powerful bass. Instead of P7, H6 has flat sound. But it is hard to compare. Cause both headphones are really good.

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  • I only spent a few days with the B&O because it had bluetooth issues. But I found the P7 the clear winner. The B&O was really good, comparable to the B&W. The bluetooth was also really nice (though I had drop out that was the eventual decision to return). But the bass, vibrancy and the soundstage were better on the P7. I thought the soundstage significantly better. I'd love to find a bluetooth headphone as good as the P7 (FYI I was testing wired as well as wireless).

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