Can I get a Dvorak layout?

I'm after a keyboard with the Dvorak standard layout.

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    You can readily switch to Dvorak under the Language aned Text tab in Systems Preferences. Use the "Input Source" tab and then scroll to choose the Dvorak options you prefer. An icon will appear on the top margin of your screen to show what your current choice is.

    However, you must deal with the fact that the letters on the actual keys in front of you are not in Dvorak. How to be error free, especially when learning the Dvorak system?

    When I switched to Dvorak three years ago. i was leery of moving the actual keys to new positions in case they snapped off.

    I bought a Dvorak silicone keyboard cover from zCover because it presents all the actual keys in their Dvorak positions.

    When my wife wants to switch to QWERTY she only has to whip it off and switch the keyboard layout icon on the screen that I mentioned earlier in this answer.

    So it should be an easy switch,assuming zCover is producing their products for the new wireless Apple keyboard. There may of course be other manufacturers but this is the one I originally found.

    It's great that Apple enables all language users to communicate and does it so easily.

    PS the cover also protects against coffee spills.

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  • The keys aren't in the dvorak layout, but if you're a touch typist on Dvorak (like me) it doesn't matter because you don't look at the keys anyway. Just use the software to switch it. You can even set it up as a global keyboard shortcut (ctrl+space) is the default I believe.

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