If I have both a Mac and an iPad, how does the wireless keyboard know which I want it to control?

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    All Bluetooth products (whether it's an iPhone and your car's built-in Handsfree system, or a Bluetooth keyboard and a computer, or iPad) require a "pairing process" that is engaged in when the two items are first used together. You can choose whether a device "remember and automatically recognize and work together" - which typically you'd use with your computer and the Wireless Keyboard that was your main input device and was there by the computer 24/7. Alternatively, you can tell your device to "pair up" only when you tell them to do so with any particular bluetooth device.

    If you are using the Wireless Bluetooth keyboard with your iMac and an iPad (for instance) you would probably tell the computer to automatically pair/connect with the bluetooth keyboard whenever it was in range or turned on. On the other hand, you would probably tell your iPad to pair with the Bluetooth Keyboard ONLY and IF ONLY you told it to do so. In reality it will ask you automatically if it detects the keyboard within range. You can then click "connect" or "do not connect" as you choose.

    Apple's implementation of Bluetooth on their various devices all shares this ability. Again, Apple thinking it thru and "doing it right". (And no, I'm not an Apple Employee - just a long term Apple customer!) (smile!)

    Hope this helped...

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