Is the Magic Trackpad pressure sensitive?

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    Actually it is NOT pressure sensitive but it can report the size of the contact surface for every finger, which increases with pressure. But this feature is not readily accessible for users, only developers can decide to use it.

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  • Given the look of the product, the pictures showing a hand using it, and descriptions of its functionality being basically the same as what the built-in trackpads on the MacBooks currently do, the answer is probably no, it's not pressure-sensitive. It's really just bringing the gesture functionality (scrolling, swiping, etc.) that the MacBooks have made part of the Mac experience to desktop Macs. On the MacBooks, if you push down hard enough, it physically clicks the button so pressure sensitivity isn't really possible.

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  • No, the click buttons at the lower two corners will register the pressing as a click. I suppose you wanted to know if the Magic Trackpad has pressure sensitivity function so as to help you to draw in Photoshop with a thicker brush for higher pressure. For that, you will need to buy a drawing tablet with the necessary driver installed. Otherwise, such tablet don't give you pressure feedback without the driver installed.

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  • Yes, it's JUST like the trackpad on the new MB/MBP line. No more, no less. Just bigger.

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  • No, the Magic Trackpad is not pressure sensitive. While you can physically "click" down on the trackpad, the multi-touch capabilities aren't altered by pressure.

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  • No

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  • I don't know if this uses the same exact tech as the iphone and ipad. But I know that the iPhone and iPad's multitouch interface can detect the width or how much area is in contact with it. this means that while they technically don't have pressure sensitivity you could write an app that simulates it by controlling how much of the finger is in contact.

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