Can I store the batteries in an unplugged charger, or will the unplugged charger drain the batteries?

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    Answering my own question:

    I don't leave my charger plugged in — don't want to waste the energy.

    I did an experiment: left charged batteries in the (unplugged) charger for a month. Swapped those into my trackpad, and it ran down in less than a week of use. Prior to that, I had been taking the batteries out of the charger, and when swapping them in to my trackpad I typically got a month or more of use before I needed to swap again.

    My conclusion: for best results, take the batteries out of the charger once they are charged.

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  • Actually, I do this all the time and never have had a problem. I think for the charger to draw power it would need to be a complete circuit by shorting the wall plug. I love my charger, and only now after 4 years are the batteries dying slowly.

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  • I did a short research over the web, and it seems that the electronics in the charger always need some power so I think it will drain the battery. Some, more expensive big battery (cars, boats, etc) did have a circuit that prevents the flow back but I don't think Apple chargers do have?

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