Can you watch TV while simultaineously working on other computer projects?

Wanna be a newbie so I'm asking everything I can think of. I like to watch/listen to TV while I'm working on other computer projects i.e. word processing etc. I understand that you can't record and watch but can you watch and work? My MS allows me to minimize the TV screen and move it to a corner of the monitor while I work. Thanks

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    Yes, absolutely. In the software menu, go to "view" and then select "keep player windows on top". You can size the TV window however small you like, and place it anywhere on the screen.

    EyeTV Hybrid has one tuner so you can only watch one live TV channel at a time (for example the show you are currently recording). But, you can always watch a show that you have already recorded while you work, at the same time that EyeTV is recording a live TV show.

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  • There is a new hybrid that allows you to watch one channel whilst recording another but you sacrifice the radio stations. I don't record much but I do listen to the radio so I stuck with a new version of the standard hybrid when I needed to replace the one I broke. The hybrid "dongle thingy" is fragile to heat and impact so be careful with it.

    You'll have no problem watching tv and doing other stuff with an eyetv hybrid and Mac combination, or at least I don't on my iMac. I suspect there might be processor or memory issues involved in how much multi-tasking you ask any type of computer to do.

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