Thinking of selling my focal 2.1 set for these am I nuts? Focals are great but I am such a B&W fan. My whole living room is B&W!

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    Do the focals have USB input (and thus an internal DAC)? I don't see anything listed about that from what I've read, so if not I would make the move in a heartbeat.

    B&W made a VERY smart move by taking control of the DAC in these speakers. Why rely on a $5 DAC in the computer itself to feed quality signal to a $500 pair of well designed speakers?!? Doesn't make sense to me.

    My vote is for the B&W switch.

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  • Answered myself. Listening to both now. Focals win HANDS DOWN. Not even close. You guys saying the mm-1's are the best should go listen to the Focal set. NOT EVEN CLOSE.... Nice try B&W.... Way overpriced for a desktop set with that sound quality. Yes, they are clear. But, B&W's marketing them as "No need for a sub" ... Whatever... NOT! Even Cnet as said the same thing. I now know for myself.

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