Will the hue bulbs work in a three-way lamp?

  • Asked about:  Philips Hue Connected Bulb

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    Yes and No...You would need to leave it on the high setting (3rd switch) and control the lights with the application.

    If you are talking about a three-way switch...absolutely yes, it works fine.

  • Yes - I use mine in a 3-way lamp without issue. Of course, you only have one setting that you can use

  • They work just fine for me on my three-way nightstand lamps on the middle setting.

  • The Hue bulbs work in every fixture that takes E27 base lamps. Basically that's like a normal 60W incandescent lamp.

  • Those bulbs are designed for standard E26 fitting. No explicit 3-way support is declared by Philips.