Will this allow a USB microphone (like Snowball) to record to iPad as the previous 30-pin version did?

I had the camera connection kit for my 30-pin iPad and I loved how I could use my Snowball USB microphone with the iPad via the USB adapter. Will this new USB to Lightning adapter allow the same usage as it's predecessor?

Also, I wonder if this and the SD card to Lightning adapters work for the iPhone 5 as well?

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    It works for me with iPad mini 2(iOS 8), Apple Lightning to USB Camera Adapter, and a Blue Snowball.

  • Worked with my MXL USB mic flawlessly.

  • There was an iOS update a while back that changed the output voltage, the best way to get around this is to use a powered USB hub. This supplies the required voltage to the device via an external power source that way your not drawing the power though the iPad and should work.

  • I wanted to know the answer to this question before I bought the iPad Air so I brought our Blue Snowball mic into a Best Buy and a helpful Blue Shirt (no relation to the mic) let us try the Lightning to USB connector with both the Air and the Mini. Although the light goes on, it did not record on either using Garage Band. Word is that Apple has lowered the power output on the connector. It's too bad, I would have bought a 32Gb Air right then. For now it seems I'll just keep using my iPad 1.

  • I switched to using a USB2 rated cable for my Audio Technica 2020 USB mic and it works flawlessly.

  • the item will not support the iPhone 5 or the iPod Touch 5th Generation. Will ONLY work for the iPad 4 and the iPad Mini!

  • Although it is a 30-pin and not a USB mic, it works fine with my Tascam Im2 microphone.
    Not sure why someone would make a incorrect blanket statement about the adapter not working at all with the iPad Air, etc.; at least for this microphone it works fine.