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    How stupid I feel. How cheated I feel. Despite reading all the warnings here about Quicktime Player Pro. I went ahead and bought it today because I was desperate to do a little editing on a 3 minute Quicktime Movie. I expected a product close to the editing functionality of the FREE Windows Movie Maker. Quicktime Pro in comparison is utterly, utterly useless. Absolutely NO STARS at all but the rating will not let me do that. I want my money back!!!

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    The Fix is In!

    It blows me away that I can spend hundreds of dollars for the video ipod and it doesn't even come with software that allows it to play something in a format created by its makers(Quicktime)!!! What a ripoff. Apple has really disappointed on this one. I actaully bought this junk QT Pro 7 version because it was touted to convert QK files to iopd format WITH SOUND...no such luck. EVen after reading many posts and buying another converter (AVS video converter) I still only get the video to play. No way to unmux the file...any more suggestions?

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    Quicktime export is slo-o-o-w

    Greetings, I purchased QT7 to export & downsize a file, and lighten the video. My QT6 key only works with qt6.
    I was expecting some optimization of Quicktime's filters and expotr, but it is very very slooooow. I do not recommend it for this type of work. I'm exporting from Digital Fusion, which is less convenient, but 10x faster.

    I would like to see Apple improve this software. Quicktime and the image viewer both initialize slowly as well.

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    Windows version does not support WMV!!!!!!!

    i simply cannot believe it - the WINDOWS version of QuickTime Pro doesn't support WMV. What on Earth are these people playing at!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel completely let down and will be asking for my money back. To call it the Windows version and then not support the standard Windows format it quite simply rediculous.

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    Its Okays.......

    I brought this hoping to get alot as its apple but to be honest i was sad to know that you cant watch dvds on it and converting stuff to my video ipod takes it's sweet time!! i use it to edit movies and watch some videos on and watch HD trailers on it...amazing i must say but as it converts slow and cant play dvds then i am upset!

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    did what i wanted...

    I needed to edit mpeg4 files. this was the cheapest thing I found. problems are that when you want to delete, cut, copy etc, you have to select where to do this. the problem with this it does't always delete at exactly the right place, even if you have the sliders in the right place! Present movie is great.

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    What a mess

    Absolutely dreadful. Can't do the obvious, can't seem to download straight into your Windows player (which is so much easier to use). Slow and clumsy, but also effects other programs on your pc.

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    Fast Video Editor

    QuickTime Pro is a super fast way to make those small edits without messing around with formats and setting up tracks in an on-line application. It's fast, easy and quick. Class software. Shame about the Vista.

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    Blame the user, not the software

    QuickTime Pro is the Best value video tool Editing Software ever, it is simple, it looks cool ( not like those MS apps) and it is well worth the money. I use it professionally for all my compressions to Youtube and the web: H264 playing inside a Flash player, IT LOOKS AMAZING. I can add soundtracks, change aspect ratio, get precise movie properties, etc
    Ok so it could come with Mpeg2 codecs, and Video record straight from DV to H264 like in the Mac Version. But I suppose this has to do with MPEG License Agency and hardware vendors. Worth every penny, but I know how to use it.

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    Amateur time with QuickTime7 Pro

    Although only £20 to "upgrade" its hardly worth it. The interface is poor, file conversion is very limited, especially cropping which does not offer any real options.

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    What a waste of money

    I should have known better and read the reviews before buying. Have tried to open MPEG files and it won't play on Quick Time 7 Pro files run perfectly on other apps. I have will not waste another second on trying to get this to work - life is too short. Will report to trading standards and try and get refund. This is a shocking way for a large firm like Apple to treat PC users, if this is a ploy to get PC users to move to MAC then it has backfired as far as I am concerned.

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    Windows v Apple QT Pro

    Apple, be fair to Windows users, they have a genuine complaint, you get a 1 star for playing hard to get.
    As bench test, QT Pro v7 on a Dual G5, 60s DVPAL file exported to:
    1 PASS PAL MPG2 - 40s
    2 PASS VBR PAL MPG2 - 1m:30s
    DIVX v4.1 handheld profile - 1m 40s
    MP4 basic profile - 12s (iPod/iTunes)
    H264 640x480 1 pass - 30s
    A 60s DVCPRO 1080i HD export to:
    MP4 basic profile - 3m:40s , ooh that is slow.
    Now about to load up QuickTime Pro on my XP machine ... watch this space.

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    I should have read the reviews before i bought pro. its useless

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    Avoid at all cost

    This piece of software is awful. If you actually manage to export a file without it crashing and taking hours (honest) it will either not work on my ipod or there's no sound. It also doesn't convert .wmv files and is best avoided. My laptop is powerful and takes an age to convert any file using QT 7 Pro. I've managed to put two videos onto my ipod from the 11 I've tried. I feel cheated.

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    Slow Time

    I continue to use Quick Time because other people send me stuff in Quick Time format and I can't transfer it into a better format without buying the Quick Time upgrade. As I refuse to buy the Quick Time 7 Pro upgrade I am constantly bombarded with Quick Time spam asking me to buy this upgrade - annoying. As other reviewers have stated Quick Time is slow and limiting in its free format. Windows Movie Maker (free) is basic but so much better. "Quick Time" should be renamed Slow Time - to avoid confusion

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    What a load of rubbish.

    I had an Ipod Video bought for Xmas , very nice..... until I tried to transfer my music vids etc etc .. Same problem as other people . However a friend of mine suggested Videora ipod converter . Went to their sight followed the instructions and hey presto I now have my music vids, recorded stuff on my Ipod video.it converts wmv avi to mpeg4 .....Thanks Apple/Quicktime , not . By the way Videora is free to boot.

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    It SUCKS

    If you pay £300 for an ipod 60 G video player
    IT SHOULD be supplied with GOOD software with full
    music and video conversion software THAT WORKS.
    NOT the TOTAL RUBBISH Apple supply !!!!
    The situation is so DIRE I intend returning the I pod for a full refund !!! Apple are a technical JOKE !!!
    And I thought Microsoft were bad !!!!
    If the software matched the hardware in engineering quality...... the I pod would be a hot item.
    Theres is a ...... TERRIBLE low standard of software for a new product on the market now. Thank you Apple !!!

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    I just want to save a video file and all I get is "do you want to buy now?" - I have bought this software TWICE and although it installs, my pc won't recognise it on actual playback use and so I can't save the file I want to upload to my facebook - How come they make it so easy to get and install, and yet, so hard to actually use where you need it? I loathe software programs which don't care about the end user beyond the credit card input page! Thanks Big Boys - one day your time will come!!!!

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    Bought this to convert files to get into itunes. Quicktime seems unable to load any files and include audio that every other bit of video software on my pc can handle without a problem! I note that I am supposed to pay an extra £14 for MPEG-2 support - unbelievable! This is supposed to be the best product - and the PRO product - how can it be PRO if it can't handle MPEG-2?

    Do not waste your money on this purchase.

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    Ok but there is better

    Not bad for £20.00 if all you want it for is to transfer videos to your ipod and it doesn't play MPEG files so your limited on what you can play. So for the ipod nut a good buy but for all you film buffs try elceware.

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