• 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Poor durability – not built to last.

    • Written by from Jakarta

    These are simply not built to last. I am on my second pair in 1 year, and my current pair has already experienced the same problem as the first: The jack is so fundamentally flimsy, that after basic, in-pocket commuter use, it shorts out and only works when you bend it in certain positions. Not a problem if the earphones came with replacement cables like the Shure models, but alas, the whole thing is useless once the jack stops functioning. I have a friend who is on his third pair for the very same reason, so this isn't an isolated incident.

    I can vouch for the sound quality, it's very good given the entry-level price on these things. Aesthetically I'm a huge fan of the concentric circle design, and the black on gold look. Definitely very eye-catching. However, I can't possibly recommend these given the very basic durability concerns of the product. Like more and more things coming out these days, it appears intentionally made for very short term use.

  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Good but vulnerable

    • Written by from AARHUS C

    Sound is nice. Design is nice. If you're into the special in-ear design it has, go for it.
    But - apparently it has an issue with the minijack where it has a loose connection. After a month or two, the sound only works when the minijack is held in certain ways. After 2 replacements I gave up.
    Don't buy if you use it on the go. As most do with a headset.

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