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    Don't buy the White one.

    I recently bought the iPhone 4S which is of the same dimensions and sizes of the iPhone 4 so the size wasn't the problem. I thought this case would be a good investment because It protects the iPhone PLUS it has a built in battery for that extra juice when you need it.

    I bought the white one in the Apple Retail Store (Glasgow) because I have a white iPhone 4S. Little did I know that the back and rims are made of a cheap white plastic with metal underneath (so a cheap plastic coating). About 20 mins later I had no trouble putting the iPhone in the case though when I went to take the iPhone out (as instructed on the manual) it chipped a piece of the plastic off on the rim next to the volume cutout.

    I returned 2 days later for an exchange and the Apple staff were extremely helpful and did a very easy exchange for the black version.

    I kinda wanted the red version but the black version is perfect too. These versions (black & red) are made of a soft touch rubberised material so when removing the iPhone its more of a slip nicely out than snapping anything off.

    Im much happier with the black one and I would suggest those looking to buy the white one to consider the black or red because they are made of a better material.

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    Very useful..and expensive

    It's a great prodcut and very useful as we all know hwo quickly the battery can run out on the iphones but I won't deny it was at a bit of a price but it's just about worth it if you spend all your time on the iphone away from its charger.

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