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    Go on - treat yourself!

    • Written by from Sheffield

    I had a bit of a panic after buying this because of the cost - for most people this is a very expense bag. I gave myself a week to find something cheaper that I liked as much before deciding whether to keep it. Nothing even came close! It smells amazing, feels amazing and looks amazing.

    It's so far been unharmed by rain (I treated it with Kiwi Aquastop before taking it out) and by the chair leg I violently scraped over the back of it today. Good signs! I think there's a good chance of it lasting for many years (this is helping with the guilt...).

    I was initially worried it was a bit too small, both practically and aesthetically speaking, but it really isn't, for my purposes at least. I can fit my mac air, an A4 pad and a couple of books without any difficulty. My mac feels well protected, but for carrying around rather than throwing around.

    It's worth noting that the iphone pocket is really designed for the smaller iphones. My iphone 5 fits in the hole but isn't held very securely.

    Is it worth the money? Well I'm not sure that any bag is worth £275 and I don't rush to tell people the price, but it's the best bag I've ever owned and I don't regret buying it.

    (You might like to know that I also ordered the khaki canvas version to compare. This is much better.)

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    Best everyday bag I've ever owned

    • Written by from London

    I splashed out on this bag after considerable thought almost a year ago. The price may be off putting to some but considering that it is designed to carry your iPad and iPod which represent a healthy investment themselves I believe it's worth it.
    The bag is extremely well made in beautiful very high quality Italian leather that gets better by the day. Ally Capellino have been making top end designer bags and accessories for decades and the company's attention to detail and design nous are readily apparent in this superb bag. I literally do not leave home without it. Plus I've just discovered that my new 11" MacBook Air Fits snugly in it too. Result!

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    Nice !

    • Written by from Knocklyon

    I've never been one to use a bag before in my life, but now I want to take my iPad around with me all the time. That plus I am fed up having cracked bank cards from storing them in my wallet located in my back trouser pocket. Finally all the other bits and pieces (car keys, house keys, swipe cards for work, 2 mobile phones etc. etc. etc.) are a nuisance in my pockets.

    So it's my first man-bag. And I love the thing. Feels great, smells great, looks great and is as handy as a small pot. Not cheap but it's a real winner.

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    I love this bag!

    • Written by from Laconia

    This bag is stylish and functional. It looks great and my ipad is well protected. The outside pocket is really handy for my iphone, oyster card etc. Most of all I love how it feels. Since getting the bag, I get comments from people most days. A great purchase.

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    • Written by from london

    The most stylish bag available - really well considered design.

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