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    Best purchases of the year

    Like many others who use their laptops for work, my bag is filled with devices, cables, adapters, pens, drives etc. Being freelance and a mobile dev the volume of cables I carry and devices quickly makes a bag messy and full of tangled cables.

    I've been using this for the last 5 months and my setup in the morning is as simple as pulling out my macbook and this with all the cables attached. I was a little sceptical at first but I love how organised my bag is now and its saved the fight against cables each morning. The envelope on the back is great for storing external drives/ iPads. Lots of people have asked me about it and I honestly don't think I've been more positive in recommending a product to other users.

    I know some people have questioned the price but even this price is great value for the function is performs - the build quality is great, its not a simple piece of card and a few rubber bands - the guys have clearly thought about how users will use this in their workflow.

    If you're in any doubt, don't be - it wont change your life but it's not far off!!!

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    Maybe a bit pricey, but worth it for the organisation!

    I bought the medium organiser using a voucher, and given the price, I may not have bothered if I had had to pay for it myself as it is quite expensive, however now that I have the product I can't imagine having anything else! Brilliantly useful to avoid cables, adaptors and other accessories rolling around in the bottom of bags and getting damaged, and it doesn't really add any extra weight at all. I was a little worried before I received it that it wouldn't be big enough for all of my things, but I can comfortably fit my mag-safe adaptor + plug attachment, extension cable, USB extension lead for my keyboard, mouse (Logitech wireless), and a couple of pens with some space to spare. The straps are also really secure so nothing ever falls out of them. Definitely recommend for anyone who uses a backpack or other large bag and wants something to keep cables organised!

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    Good but a slight bit expensive

    To expensive for what it is although quite helpful for when you are going on holiday

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    I and all my cables, plugs, earphones and iPhone would be lost without this amazing helper. Don't delay buy today.

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    Most useful organiser yet.

    Before buying this, I used to have my items piled up in my laptop bag; my headphones, cables and other items would be either tangled or difficult to take out of the bag. Since then, I decided to buy this organiser. Now there is no more hassle, I can just simply fit it under a strap (which has a rubberised texture) and know it won't fall out. Also, I have the medium size, which is perfect for travelling and for my study, after all, it fits perfectly in my laptop bag (which is for 13" screens).

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