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    Twelve South)))

    • Written by from Northampton

    I been always love products from TwelveSouth, they are really good built quality and they looks really good on you desk, good choice for those who don't have a big desk, try and you will love it.

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    Brilliantly Useful!

    • Written by from Heswall

    I bought the twelve south BookArc back in October 2012 (Now.. Jan 13). I have a MacBook Air and the BookArc is great, i usually position my Arc behind my monitor so it free's up space on my desk when im writing, wireframing or doing other tasks that require more space! The BookArc feels sturdy and secure, i've bashed my MacBook a few times when leaning over my monitor to grab cables and the Arc just grips my MacBook Air nice and tight. There's a gap for the cables which is useful for preventing the cables fall down the back of the desk when i'm not using the arc. All in all it was one of my favourite, most convenient to-have products that i purchased last year! If you're even debating buying this but are reluctant to spend the dosh then dont be. It's awesome!

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    Bookarc Pro with 2011 MBP 17"

    • Written by from Oswestry

    Absolutely excellent product. This stand is rock solid, has a beautifully weighty feel and has an extremely snug fit with my MacBook Pro 17" (Unibody, late 2011). There is no tilt to this product at all when it is upright in the stand which is a great bonus. I had a Speck case fitted to my MacBook Pro, but as expected this had to be removed in order for the laptop to fit into the stand, which to be honest is no issue as I use it as a full time desktop anyway and as the unibody is exposed in its 'naked' form to the open air, cooling is slightly aided, which I have actually noticed (I use a temperature monitor, and the difference is between 7 to 10 degrees Celsius cooler when in the Bookarc as appose to it being lying flat on the desk with the speck case on).

    Overall a definite 5/5 for this product; Beautiful packaging, excellent build quality and beautifully simplistic functionality. Highly recommended! Next day delivery from Apple was also a lovely bonus. :)

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