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    OK, but a few quality control issues

    • Written by from WARWICK

    I bought four of these, and of the four, one came without a set of screws, which didn't really matter as I didn't require the screws in the front for two of them.

    They're beautifully packaged, and do the job of lifting the monitor to a nice working height well. So no complaints there.

    However, I don't know whether I was just unlucky, but in two of the four cases it was almost impossible to fit the shelf into the slots as it was easily 5mm too wide. It required some brute force to make it go in. I appreciate that it needs a tight fit, but this was a little excessive.

    Another quirk was that the supplied hex (or Allen) key didn't fit the heads of the screws. Given I had three sets of screws to play with and none of them worked, that seemed pretty strange to me. Not a major drama - that's what toolboxes are for - but odd nonetheless.

    So something might be a bit wonky in quality control, but now that they're built I'm happy and they're doing the job that I wanted them for.

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