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    Don't expect high quality!

    • Written by from Romford

    Having only ever owned 'cheap' headsets I thought it was time to invest in a high end product, I searched many reviews of many different headsets and narrowed it down to 2 or 3. I went in to Apple to buy the Bose series 2 and was tempted to buy the A170 as well, taking full advantage of there 14 days returns policy! The spec of this headset looks too good to be true..... and it is, call quality is terrible. The noise cancellation doesn't work that well, the people i spoke to when testing this product could only describe it as 'like a shower running constantly in the background'. Streaming music isn't much better, very 'tinny' and muffled.

    After trying out LOTS of these headsets I eventually found the Bose, as long as the limited battery life isn't a problem then it is head and shoulders above EVERYTHING on the market. Perhaps the short battery life is because of the greater quality is possess, who knows...

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Was hopeful, but this unit performed poorly

    • Written by from Los Angeles

    As always, not a fan of the long review - so I'll get straight to the point

    I bought this unit at the Apple Store in Santa Monica, CA, USA

    - The unit does not play well with Siri at all
    - The dual mics do something to keep sound activated and do not allow Siri to think through your response
    - There is a long delay between the activation of Siri and then Siri responding to your request
    - Sometimes Siri would hang up as if it were waiting for more instructions (I really think there is something going on between the dual mics and how the iPhone is interpreting the signal)
    - Of 4 different units I have been testing in the last 5 days, this unit is the only one that lost connection with my iPhone 5 (iOS 6) four different times. (it would find the phone and sync up again automatically each time - but it dropped one test call because of it)

    - It is a good looking device, and matches the "look" of the white iPhone 5 perfectly
    - It does not feel cheap in the hand or ear (feels worth the money)
    - the charger that comes in the box is great (it is a dual USB port car charger with the ability to plug in both your ear piece and your phone at the same time)
    - The life of the headset is displayed on the status bar of your iPhone

    I hope I received a faulty device and that it should not have performed so poorly, but I did, and it was too bad. I really wanted this device to work.


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