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    Simply the Best

    I use this headset everyday, comfortable to wear, long lasting battery and amazing sound quality.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Excellent product

    I have bought many bluetooth headsets over the years and have found this one to be the very best. It syncs quickly, has very long standby and talk time and is a brilliant way to listen to audiobooks and podcasts without the hassle of cables. As I mentioned before, I have used many bluetooth headsets, all in the £50+ range from well known manufacturers, this is by far the best one I have used. It charges quickly, sounds great and is very comfortable. Talk/listening time is as good as that stated by Plantronics.

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    Plantronics keep getting better,

    I use the telephone so much in work that a good headset is a major boon. Over the last few years I have tried several of the Plantronics headsets including Bluetooth, DECT, office and mobile designs. All have proved extremely ergonomic and comfortable and the Legend builds on this by bringing together and adding various small features from the rest of their range that add up to a lot:

    * The ability to pair two phones (also present in other models such as the Pro UC) means that I can use one unit to take and make calls on office phone and my mobile.

    * Background noise cancellation is even better, partly thanks to an extra microphone which helps to pick up and cancel out background sound.

    * The introduction of an on/off switch (as opposed to a button that needed to be held down) makes it faster and easier to switch on and off - surprisingly useful.

    * If the phone rings, putting the earpiece on will direct the call to the earpiece and calls can be answered by saying 'answer'.

    * The unit is slimmer and slightly lighter than the Pro UC, which was itself a very easy on the ear unit.

    It is hard to knock any of the Plantronics models but the Legend manages to take the design forward to the extent that the sheer feel of the unit is even more harmonious. Voice recognition for pulling up names from address books is good, battery life is improved and the earpiece is incredibly comfortable on the ear. I have tried so many units that either fall off the ear or constantly remind of their presence but I had to touch my ear to check that the Legend was still there.

    There are other features such as 'Vocalist' that I will probably never get into and the key experience for me is that I use it without being aware of it. It performs its task unobtrusively and efficiently.

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