• 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Better than most LED lamps, even for 'normal' light.

    • Written by from Newton Mearns

    These are miles ahead of most LED lamps on the market - even when just being used to provide 'white' light in any colour temperature from 2000K to 6500K.

    The sources within a Hue are not primary Red, Green and Blue as are used in other LED lighting products; The Red is a touch more 'orange', the Green is closer to a 'lime-green' and the Blue is closer to Violet. This enabled much better whites (see above) and subtle hues but it cannot achieve some colours although this is not a problem in it's intended application.

    The app itself isn't perfect - but it's a first version and will no doubt improve and for those who want a bit more control there's a simple HTTP API behind them.

    At the moment they are only available in an "E27" or "ES" base, aka 'screw fit', most UK light fittings are Bayonet ("BC" or "B22") so keep this in mind if you're planning on putting these in existing fittings although adapters are available they wont fit in all lamps.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Good first release.

    • Written by from Portsmouth

    The app is okay but the update that I expect will come in the Spring should add better control of groups of lights, timers etc. For example, the timer only remains active for 24 hours and needs to be set every day. The fade in over time doesn't appear to work, tried several times with no luck.
    The bulbs themselves work as advertised with the red, blue and purple hues being particularly rich, yellow and green are a little washed out. Various shades of white work well.
    The es adapters are avail from good electrical suppliers online (about £1.99) and work with bayonet connections as expected.
    I have one fitted to a sealed outdoor porch light and so far no problems (avoiding red).
    If you have spare money, like gadgets and don't mind spending a few hundred quid on lightbulbs you won't be disappointed. I have tried with iPhone, iPad and nexus 7 all work as expected. The android app has a little less functionality than the iOS version.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Excellent product!

    • Written by from Braintree

    I echo everyone elses comments apart from the guy from Biggleswade - clearly if your neighbour has the same system then it would make no difference to you whatsoever owing to the fact that it is connected to YOUR WiFi network. The only way you would get "neighbour interference" is if your neighbour was connecting to your WiFi??!!


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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Hue starter pack - expensive but great

    • Written by from Newcastle

    There is a novelty value to buying these... lovely colours, etc. But for me the real value is waking up to a timed light alarm which wakes me up gently. Felt guilty about paying so much for these but I'm glad I did. Check out the most recent update of the app.. Geofencing and IFttt compatible makes it awesome. In summary.. if you just want some mad lightbulbs then OK, but the price is a bit steep. But if you are prepared to properly integrate these with your other apps then go for it.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    great product, a few tweaks needed

    • Written by from Blessington

    Recently bought this and i have to say we were impressed. there is a few things you need to consider.

    1. setup is a dream. one of those setups that work according to the tiny flier on setup delivered in the box. connecting the bulbs to the hub was simple and worked flawlessly for us.

    2. the remote login works well over 3g, about a 3-5 second delay which is pretty darn good IMHO.. the apps on the iphone work. the version on android is a little wobbly. the geowalling does not work with older iphone. my wife adores her 3s because of the shape but the geowalling is not supported on that version, she did not upgrade to the recent version for performance reasons. there is no geowalling on android at all and im running it on a nexus5 with the latest kitkat version.

    3. sometimes you do have to get the app to reconnent to the bridge or hub supplied, especially on android. its easy to do but you do need to reconnect to the meetme website and renew the security tokens. also works on ipads and android tablets, with the same limitations for android.

    4. i also have one of the backlighting options from philips. this is a light classified as a 'friend of hue'. it could be my ignorance but i cannot get that to automatically go on with all the other lights. perhaps its the friends of hue limitation. the app and bridge do recognise it, it just doesnt appear as an option to automatically turn the lights on when you group them together.

    5. the app is easy to use, the picture option for colours i personally think is more a marketing ploy than anything. it does work but i think it is a bit overkill.

    6. there are other apps appearing now, one activates on sound, XBMC (the home theatre app) is also working on one , i have not tried that yet.

    7. the colour array is huge. my better half loves the soft cream colour. honestly we must have spent about a 100 euro looking for a led light that is not some type of military quality searchlight. we didnt really find one until we came across this and the flexibility of colour change with something beside you always..namely a phone or tablet.

    8. i gave it 4 starts because i do think there is a the odd bug in the apps and honeslty philips...the price is stupidly expensive. you do get the feeling however that this is they way lighting should be and will be. if they made them even 30 euro per bulb we would replace the whole house but at 70 euro per bulb that aint happening. i personally am waiting for the competitor friends of hue products as they are sure to appear and that will drive the price down.

    9. overall, if you have the money, and lighting is something you like, it is worth getting...but it definitely falls into the category of 'wants' not 'needs'.

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