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    Not for making Phonecalls

    You cannot make phonecalls with the case on because nobody hears you. It totally blocks the mic or something. I have had it for 3 months and it's starting to break from the corners and the color of the "leather" has come off.

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    I wanted to like this so much..

    But sadly after two from the Apple shop and a replacement direct from Twelve South all have failed with the same results.

    Firstly the plastic coating around the phone 'holder' rubs away, then the rest of the coating peels off. The corners that form the shape of the wallet then break away, meaning that the leather cover them loosens and comes away. The final straw was when on holiday - the Canary islands c28C - the adhesive holding the cover together started to melt and the phone came away from the wallet whilst still in it's holder.

    Sadly the most disappointing case I have yet owned, but I will say I emailed the guys at Twelve South who were lovely and replaced the second one FoC all the way from their offices in America - now that is customer service!!

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    Not the same quality as the 4s BookBook Case

    this is now my 3rd replacement of this case the first one the case kept coming out of the corners, the second one the leather was coming un stitched... will have to see what the 3rd one brings when it arrives... not a patch on the 4s case and I prefered the design of that case as well..
    Not worth £50 anymore, I had my 4s case for 18 months with no issues...
    Come on 12south ...

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    As others have noted, poor quality. I've had mine for less than three months and some stitching has started to fail and finish over the plastic surround that hold the phone has worn away exposing the plastic.

    The back side, near the cut-out for the camera has deformed too. Not what I expected for this price.

    The maintenance/cleaning blub you get with the case says the manufacture likes the worn look and that they think it looks better that way. To a point I could agree but would you really expect them to engineer in wear points that I and others have noticed?

    This is the first Twelve South case I have bought. And the last. Not for my phone my iPads or my MacBook.

    I had been planning on buying their BookArc stand and although it has some great reviews - so does this case (and I see the good case reviews are from new owners). So I'll probably look elsewhere for a stand too.

    I really do hope this review does two things - firstly, make people think twice before buying this case and secondly, demonstrates the damage a poor product can have on future sales across a brand's range.

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    Poor quality, cheap build & plasticky finish – not a patch on the 4S case

    Like others here, I was a proud owner of the iPhone 4S BookBook case, which is a piece of design genius.

    In stark contrast, the iPhone 5 case is a case study in poor design. The lessons learned from the iPhone 4S case seem to have been completely thrown out and this case is made entirely differently — and of significantly poorer quality materials. The leather has a very plasticky finish, unlike the lovely natural leather used in the 4S case, which aged beautifully. Skimping on the materials in this case has resulted in the leather along the right hand edge of the back cover parting from the case — the 'hem' stitching clearly is along the very edge of the leather, meaning it does not hold it effectively.

    The plastic 'frame' in which the phone must be 'clipped' (and scratched) is covered in a thin synthetic (plastic) suede. With a mere 6 months of careful use, this has rubbed off in several places, leaving ragged edges and exposed black plastic.

    TwelveSouth have managed to take one of the best iPhone case designs and completely ruin it — one imagines to achieve reduced costs and more profit. If you're looking for an example of how not to design an iPhone case, then this is it. I would much rather slide the phone up to take a photo (as in the 4S case) rather than have the ugly plastic frame elements. All that was needed was the exact same case as the 4S one, but a few centimetres taller. Instead we end up the most disappointing and overpriced iPhone accessory I have yet to purchase.

    I cannot recommend strongly enough that you avoid this case. Hopefully, Twelve South will see sense and the classic BookBook design will be restored. But I wouldn't hold your breath.

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    Not as good quality as should be

    I've had this cover for about four weeks and have noticed that there is about 1cm of the covering on the plastic that the phone clips into is coming away. Not good when you are paying nearly £50 for the cover, I'm not sure if apple will replace it but will be taking it with me next time I'm at the apple store to see.

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