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    Good for everything but making calls

    This is my second book book case. I had one for my iphone 4 and it was great - apart from the photo taking problem everyone talked about. However this one is fine for taking photos but no one can hear me when I make calls. I can't work out why this is and am very intrigued that the various magazine reviews do not comment on this. Did none of them try to use the case for what it is intended for - a telephone?? I have had the case for 5 months so far and it is a consistent problem so I am about to abandon the case and get another. I cannot work out how to hold or use the phone in the case to alleviate the problem.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Poor quality. Nowhere near as good as the 4s version.

    I personally loved the 4s bookbook. I much preferred the ability to remove my phone when I wanted it rather than having it stay in the case permanently.
    The plastic clip approach in the 5 case is not a good idea. Firstly it is coated in some kind of leather, but that didn't last long before it started peeling off.
    The leather on the outside also started showing wear very quickly. This is fine if you like the "aged look" but it doesn't bode well for the life span.
    It has plenty of space for cards and cash, but the added length of the 5 makes this quite a large bukly case.
    My advice, get the toffee wallet cases instead.

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    Good while it lasted

    Had mine for a month and it protected my iPhone 5 well.

    However, the back corner closest to the camera hole appears to be a weak point and the leather has started to curl round the phone enclosure, pulling the leather away from the camera hole. The leather isn't strengthened in those corners in the same way as the others.

    Build quality just not the same as their other products. Shame.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Weakest of the Twelve South bunch!

    After buying the BookBook cover for the 4/4S and loving it I thought my iPhone 5 needed the same high quality treatment and protection, however if you are looking for something that will not scratch the side and edge of your shiny new iPhone 5, keep looking. The cheap looking plastic that you have to snap your phone into by 'pushing down firmly' scratched the bezel of my phone, not happy! The plastic looks out of place especially around the camera hole which is not in keeping with Twelve South's other products. With the slightly more fragile nature of the 5's finish I thought nothing will do but a BookBook case, this was based on the high quality finish of all their other products. I have not got a bad word to say on their MacBook Pro, iPad or 4/4S cover, all of which have proved durable and valuable but I do feel they have really let the side down with the iPhone 5 cover.

    If you do buy this cover please be extremely careful when putting in and taking out your phone.

    If anybody from Twelve South reads this, please do not use plastic in future BookBook designs!

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