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    Google product sold by Apple LOL

    • Written by from Swindon

    So the GOOGLE NEST is sold by Apple then is it? Two things nice and simple.
    1) The thermostat requires a permanent connection to the mains, the cable it comes with is 1 metre long. No fixing to the wall unless there is a plug socket directly underneath it and you have a messy wire on your wall. There is a stand available but is another £35!!! If you don't buy the bracket for the Nest and put it on a cold surface be prepared for your heating to come one much much earlier than it was before.
    2) It costs £100 for installation. THE HIVE IS UNDER £200 FITTED !!!!!!

    To sum up the Nest will make you spend more money than save money due to the backwards way it works. It was designed by the same person who designed the original iPhone ...... but was then bought by Google. Frankly they can keep it.

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    No hot water control

    • Written by from Dartford

    This is a lovely crafted device, but not yet suited to the UK market. The absence of integrated hot water control means you are left with a half your old timing control still in place. Not really an elegant solution. Hive seems to be the only integrated solution so far, though it doesn't have the looks or "smarts" this unit does.

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