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    Appropriately named. Nest are still learning.

    • Written by from Cork

    So here’s my review of the Nest thermostat having had it for 6 months. I can’t comment on the installation because I paid a Nest Pro to do that. It took him about 2 hours to install 2 thermostats.

    First, the pros. I love the design of the thermostat itself. Although I never actually touch it (I always control the system using my computer or phone) it’s useful that it displays the current and set temperature when you stick your head in front of it. I love the ability to see and set temperature remotely and see my history. The web and iOS apps are beautifully designed. I love the integration between the thermostat, the smoke alarms and security camera. I also love how the software is automatically updated.

    The cons. It doesn’t control hot water. That wasn’t a deal breaker for me though. I use a simple 7 day programmer to heat my cylinder for an hour at the same time every morning. The Auto Away feature is useless. It takes 2 hours to recognise you’ve left the house. It doesn’t turn on the security camera (only manually selecting Away will do that). The smoke alarms don’t recognise you’ve returned (despite having motion detection). The Auto Schedule is also useless unless you have a consistent predictable schedule. A geofencing feature (available on competing thermostats) would eliminate the need for (and be far superior to) the above 2 features. Allegedly there are products (both hardware and software) that will add geofencing to the Nest (through the Works with Nest program) but neither the Google Now or Life360 apps would work for me. Thank God both were free. I use Skylark ($9.99 on the App Store) to add this feature. Ironically, it’s not part of the Works with Nest program.

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    Google product sold by Apple LOL

    • Written by from Swindon

    So the GOOGLE NEST is sold by Apple then is it? Two things nice and simple.
    1) The thermostat requires a permanent connection to the mains, the cable it comes with is 1 metre long. No fixing to the wall unless there is a plug socket directly underneath it and you have a messy wire on your wall. There is a stand available but is another £35!!! If you don't buy the bracket for the Nest and put it on a cold surface be prepared for your heating to come one much much earlier than it was before.
    2) It costs £100 for installation. THE HIVE IS UNDER £200 FITTED !!!!!!

    To sum up the Nest will make you spend more money than save money due to the backwards way it works. It was designed by the same person who designed the original iPhone ...... but was then bought by Google. Frankly they can keep it.

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    No hot water control

    • Written by from Dartford

    This is a lovely crafted device, but not yet suited to the UK market. The absence of integrated hot water control means you are left with a half your old timing control still in place. Not really an elegant solution. Hive seems to be the only integrated solution so far, though it doesn't have the looks or "smarts" this unit does.

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    A great sexy piece of kit!

    • Written by from Glasgow

    I have just installed my nest and have to say that i am already very impressed with it, its stunning even just to look at! it will take time to see how the nest works for us but very happy so far and love the fact we can control our heating away from home.

    Can i just add that i would not recommend a novice to try and wire this up, i am not a heating engineer but i do work with electronics, this does not involve any gas work so if you are good with either electrics or electronics i don't see you finding this a challenge to install, took me about 45 min and most of that was double checking everything.

    5 star product

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    • Written by from Huddersfield

    Love this product! Had it for a month now. So convenient. Great if your work/life is not predicable and a traditional programmable thermostat simply does not work therefore wasting energy and money.

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    Absolutely brilliant

    • Written by from Weybridge

    This product is even better than the review. Looks stylish and classy on the wall, functionally is incredible and, when paired with Nest smoke detectors and IFTTT, it is flawless. I can't endorse this product highly enough.

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    absolutely awesome!

    • Written by from Harwich

    got this from the nest website as they were offering free installation!
    we have a 25 year old standard boiler and i seriously had my doubts wether this would work and even if it did; what difference it would make...
    well almost a month later and i am so impressed!
    the heating never seems to come on (on closer inspection it comes on for the odd half hour over the course of 24 hours).
    the house seems to always be comfortable; almost as if the radiators are sublimely balanced so you never feel the 'hot pockets' of some rooms as the house heats up...
    it is so beautifully simple; you set it up with the wifi and basically just let it do its thing! or... you can fiddle and interrogate and fettle with the settings to your geeky heart's content! it 'learns' and hones it's settings continuously to get better and better.
    now go get one! :-)

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    Nest Thermostat - Well Worth It!

    • Written by from Weymouth

    Firstly I have to say I didn't buy this from the Apple Store, for the simple reason I bought this in the USA last June (2013) for our holiday home there. However, having used Nest for the past year I can wholeheartedly recommend it. Over the past year I visited our house over in the US at varying times of the year. I route through either JFK or Orlando and at the stopover it's been great changing the Nest using the Nest App on my iPhone from Away to Home so the house temperature is as we like it by the time we arrive.

    I estimate the Nest has more than paid for itself over the past year. It's very easy to install and program and the monthly energy usage report is useful.

    A novel feature is being able to monitor the house temperature (and change it if needs be) from my iPhone, iPad or MacBook. On one occasion I was able to detect the sunroom door had been left open by our gardener from 3000 miles away when I saw the house temperature had leapt up since his last visit. I emailed him and he shut the door ;-)

    A great thermostat - buy one ;-))

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