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    Don't do it...

    • Written by from Wisbech

    I would put negative stars if it was possible!
    Word, functions as it should. excel, same.
    No great shakes, any of the free office style Opensource bundles can handle all this.
    Outlook...... Just save your self time and grief and throw it away.
    M$ really stuck it to Joe consumer with this one.
    Mine was actually disapearing emails. On IMAP. Not just deleting them, so you had to go wade through trash to find, but expunge delete. no warnings.
    I did the same to outlook in the end. Its Clunky, but use Mail.app. its free and it doesn't drive your stress levels up.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    outlook doesn't work don't waste your money and frustration

    • Written by from Woodbridge

    as the other review - outlook doesn't work on mac. it lost the identities several times wasting hours of my time. i can't believe they released it as a product. will be seeking to return it.

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    Outlook for Mac is unusable

    • Written by from Newport

    Microsoft have known for a long time that there are issues with Outlook identities. Long and short, the proprietary Microsoft system of 'identities' become frequently corrupted, meaning that every time Outlook connects to a mail server, Outlook thinks its seeing the same message for the first time, which means it will download 100's of messages again you have already read.

    Follow MS instructions and you will rebuild your identity or have to re-install Outlook. If you do this, you will lose access to all of your existing e-mail accounts, folders, diary entries etc. You will still be able to find them on your Mac, but Outlook won't let you view them as they were created with a 'different' identity.

    If you need further proof that Microsoft is not interested in supporting Mac communities, you only need to read the Apple and Office forums on this subject. MS must know about the issue and choose not to fix it. Contrary to what appears in some of the forums, this is not an Apple issue but down to how MS have chosen to set up Outlook. Sorry you'll have to use Mail or similar, even though Miscrosoft will have charged you for a non-workable product. Disgusting.

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