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    Absolute Pants!!

    Charged my phone OK, but when connected to the power to recharge I got a message on my phone's screen saying "Accessory Not Supported". Common fault apparently, according to many forums. Morphie's own website recommends charging phone and case separately, which "should" solve the problem. Did not solve it. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT.

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    Bad design! Second review attempt..

    I've been the happy owner of Juicepack for both my iPhone 4 & 4s, so when I received my new iPhone 5s, the first thing to do was to pick up a Mophie Juice pack for this phone too.
    When I came back from the Apple Retails store, I tried to connect it to my Macbook Air. The phone started charging, but no iTunes! I then tried to connect it to my work laptop - same result.
    I immediately raised a case with Mophie support to report the faulty device. To my big surprise, I got an email back stating that this behaviour, was by DESIGN!! You're meant only to sync via wireless was the suggestion...
    Everybody using a PC in the professional world, know that there's no way that you can connect you your phone with VPN up etc.

    So Mophie, sorry to say this, but I returned the box. Very disappointed.
    Get your design right and connect the last two cords to the micro USB so we can use this in the pro world as well!

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