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    Withings Scales -Inaccurate

    • Written by from St Helens

    Bought these scales as part of my wife's Christmas present, with a view to all family members being able to use them.
    First impressions where very good, easy to set up and the scales recognised each individual without problems and transferred the results to the Withings app on our iPhones and iPads without any problems.
    Unfortunately, it didn't take long to notice that the weight readings recorded could be as much as 5lbs over what they should be, with multi weigh in readings on the same person showing these errors within minutes of each other.
    Our trusted old digital bathroom scales also proved the errors that the withings scales where recording.
    I contacted Withings tech help, which so far have been a total waste of time.
    My advice, avoid wasting your hard earned cash on these over priced gimmicks

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    Inaccurate in all areas, returned for refund

    • Written by from York

    I bought a Withings Smart Body Analyzer with high hopes for a really well made device with great automation and connectivity. It delivers on all of these but fails horribly on the main reason for buying it - measuring my weight, body fat and pulse.

    Set up was straightforward, but every time I used it, it reported a different weight. And this wasn't hours or days between measures, it was getting on, stepping off and stepping back on again. Weight varied by anything up to several kg on occasion. Moving my body a few degrees forward, back or side to side induced a significant change in reported weight too.

    Body fat measure was, dare I say it, even worse. I'm an average size (my BMI is in the normal range) but the Withings never reported a body fat percentage lower than 50%! I mean, come on, I'm probably a little overweight now but I spent a long time in the gym for many years and I was utterly gobsmacked when I saw the first measurement. I assumed it was an initial error, but repeated measurement over the following week gave variations of 50-59%, and again never consistently. I know body fat measures like this aren't the most reliable, but it's got to be at least in the right order of magnitude to hold any value.

    Pulse measurement was equally bad. Woke up, got out of bed, got onto the scales, Should have been 70ish pulse. Reported anything up to 146 bpm and more. I don't think I saw more than a couple of readings below 100, even after a relaxing evening or sleep.

    I must be the most unhealthy person in existence according to the Withings.

    Anyway, gave up and returned it for a refund as "totally unfit for purpose". The assistant didn't bat an eyelid and just refunded the full amount.

    Sorry Withings, the device looks nice and is well made, but it's as useful as a glass brick for the intended use.

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    Don't bother, too expansive and isn't accurate

    • Written by from London

    I've had it 24hrs and I'm returning it to Apple. Doesn't work on carpet, despite the 'carpet feet' that it comes with. BPM is way too high - I've had resting BPM of 89, 92 and 99! I'm a hiker in my 30s. When I came home after being at work it needed to be re-synced with my iPhone - 'Setup Failed' 4 times, so I had to delete the scale and go through the installation process again. £129 - maybe for generation 4 is out.

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    Not so smart body analyser...

    • Written by from London

    a good looking bit of kit, simply designed and a great idea to sync up with the iPhone and lifestyle apps, and help you track weight etc. Setting up was a doodle, but after a day or so the scales got confused as to which family member was standing on them. not only that, the weights were extremely variable each time you had a weigh in. we reset, re synced, and eventually re turned. We gave it a chance and wanted it to be as good as it promised, but were sadly disappointed.

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