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    • Written by from Leicester

    My Senheiser headphones were great until they stopped working. I would've definitely swapped them for the same but the Apple Store no longer stock them. I decided on the RHA MA600i. The sound quality is pretty good for the price. My biggest issue though is the remote control. I assumed that any headphones purchased from the Apple Store would be compatible with all iPhones. Especially because this is what a lot of people will use headphones with. Once I opened them and checked out the sound quality I realised the remote control is not compatible with the iPhone 5s. It seems quite strange that the Apple Store would stock headphones that wouldn't be compatible with the latest 3 iPhone models. Also if the Apple Store could maybe ask customers what device they would be using the headphones with and check compatibility it would really help.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Sadly not that good

    • Written by from Manchester

    The Good: built to last - 3 years warranty.
    The Bad: so called V-shaped sound:emphasis on bass and highs which can be harsh. Bass - of a higher frequency range means it is shallow most of the time - no real authority, depth-bass lacks soft end and speed. Harsh highs can make some tracks sound metallic.

    These earbuds one of those that if not fit perfectly, it will loose 70% of bass.

    Too truthful. Music source plays a big role: if bit rate and sound mastering are not up to scratch, it will not sound great.

    Overall: reliable but don't expect the best sound.

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