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    No other choice!

    • Written by from Bromley

    RHA are an English company producing some of the very best sounding in-ear headphones on the market. They are balanced, clear and crisp which is how music should be heard; not pumped full of bass and over emphasized like so many other supposedly 'good' headphones on the market do! I've had 10s of pairs of different headphones over the years and I can happily say that the RHA MA600i are superb. There are no other brands out there that deliver this quality of sound and engineering at this price!

    Forget your over-sold and over hyped Beats by Dre, and buy some headphones that actually play your music as it was supposed to be heard!

  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Get these ones…!

    • Written by from Taunton

    I wanted great sound, sturdy design and reliability. I've had them about 4 months now and i'm really pleased.

    Sound: Great quality, a good balance of base and treble although I do find that if the volume is too low then some of the sound depth is lacking - understandable I guess. There is very little interference through the cable, which I have found an issue with other earphones.

    Comfort: I tried a few of the ear buds and have found a good fit. They are comfortable and don't fall out. If I go walking/jogging I wear them in 'over ear' mode. I didn't think I would like wearing them like that but they are really comfy.

    Functionality: I love good functional design and these, in my opinion, are a fine example. The best thing is the controller, it has a finger shaped segment cut out so you instantly know where the button is and can adjust the volume by rolling the cylindrical control in your fingers. The left earphone has a small bobble near the cable connection, so you know left from right. The cable is really study rarely gets tangled, even when I get them out of the storage case. The case is rather over engineered and I find it bulky. (I am used to the lovely leather pouch my previous Bang and Olfsen A3i' headphones came in, shame they broke prematurely).

    In summary, if you want great sound, comfort, durability (they are not the lightest on offer) and intuitive design, you can't go wrong with them.

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    Well worth the money!!

    • Written by from Maidstone

    Firstly I just want to say how fantastic these earphones are!
    I was stood in my local Apple store trying to choose between the MA450i and these, in the end I decided to spend the extra twenty quid and get these. Having read some reviews about the 450i and problems with the woven chord, I am pleased I went for these as the extra layer of insulation on these eliminates any noise from the cable.
    The sound quality is fantastic right across the range. Although I have noticed that to get the best bass, you need a good fitting ear bud (probably why they give you so many!)
    The build quality is a really nice bonus too, the aluminium gives them a luxury feel. Plus the three year RHA warranty gives some extra reassurance!

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    Amazing !

    • Written by from Edgware

    These are the best earphones i have ever used. The sound quality is superb as well as being really comfortable. It comes with eight earbuds which is really useful and the carry case is really strong just a little bit too small for my liking. The noise cancellation is superb despite it being passive. But all in all i give these a 10/10 for everything. NO CONS at all

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    It's exactly as it says on the box

    • Written by from Dundalk

    I bought these earphones after RHA was recommended to me in a retail store and they are really amazing!
    The sound is crisp and clean with no distortion, very well balanced and natural. These earphones just set a new standard for me.
    The cable is completely tangle free, hold one end, drop the other one and off you go. :)
    The overall build quality feels sturdy, after one month of use I can't see any wear and tear.
    They keep well in my ear and very comfortable to wear them even for hours. Love the fact that I don't have to pick my phone out of my pocket when walking, the remote is very easy to use.
    I've had quite a few earphones in the past, all from big consumer brands. Believe me, they don't even come close to this, you loose much of the details in the music.

    One note: I prefer the nice and rich sound as I listen to a variety of genres but some might miss an extra kick from the bass.

    I'm very happy with the value, got a pair of premium earphones way under the premium price and it also comes with three years of warranty.

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    Top class in price range

    • Written by from NEWPORT

    I am a musician and over the past 5 years have owned several pairs of headphones both in ear and over ear, forever in search of the perfect sound. From Bowers and Wilkins P5's to Shure Se535's (which FYI I still own and are top drawer).

    I read many reviews of many pairs of in ear headphones before deciding on these and was in the £50 - £100 bracket. The RHA brand had loads of very good/excellent reviews which seemed consistent across several different websites so I took the plunge last week, spending a bit less than I had been prepared to.

    I was literally blown away by the sound that these things produced, I listen to different types of music from John Mayer, to the Foo Fighters to Electro such as Daft Punk and The Prodigy and I was not disappointed by any genre. The RHA's delivered rich, admittedly quite bass heavy, but otherwise totally balanced audio. In comparison to my Shure 535's which were about 5 x the price they hold up very well indeed!!

    The build quality is excellent, the bundled earbuds in numerous sizes ensure that you will find a comfy and well sealed fit, and to top it off they're a UK brand.... My advice buy, buy, buy!

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    Excellent value for money

    • Written by

    Bought these as an upgrade to my MA350, can't believe the sound quality. Absolutely superb and they feel durable too.

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    Brilliant Headphones

    • Written by from London

    Simply put, these are fantastic headphones. The sound quality is amazing allowing me to hear nuances of sound that I hadn't been aware of before. The noise-isolating is excellent and means I don't have to turn up the volume full blast when listening on the tube, nor do others have to listen to what I am listening to either! The build quality is also excellent. All in all, I would expect to pay double or more for a set as good as these.

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    • Written by from Grays

    Was in my local Apple Store and asked a member of staff for the second generation of the Beats Tours to be told they were unavailable which actually turned out to be an extreme saving. These earphones are half the price of the Beats and sound amazing, especially at high volumes when the bass really kicks in. Hit shuffle on my phone just after i got them and The Chain by Fleetwood Mac started, the vocals are unbelievably clear, the drums sound like they are next to you and the bass guitar thumps your ears! Definitely worth the price and they look like they are going to stand up for a few years at least!

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