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    Excellent hue product!

    • Written by from Chesterfield

    The bloom lamp is great as it only costs the same as a regular bulb and is not overpriced. The lamp is better at producing colours than the bulbs but is not so great at overall white light. It is great for areas that are not lit very well and/or need a little colour. It is - as all hue products are - easy to set up, you just plug it in and search for it on the app and you're all set up! A problem with this however is that you can't create light recipes with the bloom, only scenes. I'm not sure if this matters to some people but for me it's a downside. The idea is the lamp faces a wall or other surface that illuminates from the light given off. Anyway, overall its another great hue product!

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    • Written by from Wolverhampton

    An awesome piece of tech. I have one unit but will definitely be getting more. Bought for my 9 year old sons bedroom and is perfect for finding the right comforting lighting level to allow him to get to sleep. So many options, too many to go through. . . . . Just buy 1, simple as that!

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    • Written by from Reading

    If you have philips Hue already then you really should as the LivingColours Bloom. It really adds to a rooms ambiance if you are creating scenes and its simple to install, set up and move around too. I now have two of these and will definitely get more.

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