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    • Written by from Leeds

    So easy to set up, and the colours look great. I have a few issues with the 'normal' hue spotlights but that's probably because they are so far from our router. These are located much closer and work just fine. Needs the Hue Disco app to get the full benefits from it.

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    BRILLIANT - A must have if you have the Phillips Hue Bridge

    • Written by from Wolverhampton

    I purchased one of these strip lengths to go under my breakfast bar, and i must say that they are absolutely amazing! The colour is much better that the in the Phillips Hue Bulbs.
    However i do criticise this on two facts. One is the length. its not really long enough although the intensity of the lights them selves dose not show this when they are on, i had to have it in a couple of inches each side but the light reflects filling up the gap, secondly there is no off switch on the device its self, would of been nice to had a accessible switch.

    I would defo recoomend these. I will be purchasing a few more to go under the units and around the plinths as they look fantastic!

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    Sweet Addition

    • Written by from Reading

    Got Philips Hue? Then you got to add these... easy to add in to your system and set up. You can simply shorten them to the desired length with scissors and then stick them in place with the m3 tape attached.

    My display cabinet now has remote lighting from my iPhone, and everything in the cabinet is well lit - not just at the top where the cabinet bulb is and it works in unison with the other Hue bulbs in the room - Genius!

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