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    Bright, great in groups, Expensive but good quality.

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    We have a few of the standard Hue bulbs in the house, and have enjoyed using them for the last year or so. The standard ones are rated at about 600 lumens I think, and when I saw that the GU10 bulbs had been released I was a bit worried that they would be too weak at 300 lumens, especially as they're £50 each. But I took the risk and just fitted six GU10s into existing recessed fittings in our kitchen. There's also a standard Hue bulb in a pendant fitting at the other end of the room.

    Adding the lights to the existing system was very simple using the iPhone app, and they were working within minutes of the courier delivering them (we already have the bridge set up.)

    The overall effect is fantastic. The default light when you flick the light switch without using the app is at the warmer end - which is a very welcome change from the rather clinical effect you get from many GU10s. They illuminate the room really well.

    Don't underestimate the ability of good lighting to change the mood of a house and the people in it. Although these lights are expensive the cost can be justified by this effect.

    The ability to change the colour, warmth and intensity of these bulbs is what you're paying lots of money for. In this the lightbulbs themselves work brilliantly, but the software is poor. The bulbs have a good colour gamut, which only really fails to reproduce greens well - and they're quickly responsive too. However the Philips Hue iOS app really lets them down at the moment. The current version (1.1) doesn't seem to have any way of grouping bulbs other than by using 'Scenes'. This is a right faff. If I want to change the colour or temperature of the group of six GU10s, or to dim them, I have to use six different sliders at the moment. Philips need to sort this out and soon.

    There are lots of third party apps available, and some do allow you to group lights - but none have really worked well for me. The only one I've found that does groups effectively is Colours for Hue, but it is an OSX app, not iOS, and I can't get the laptop out every time I want to dim the lights.

    Finally - the Hue Disco iOS app by iMakeStuff is brilliant paired with these lights. The whole family love the disco effect in the kitchen with all seven lights changing and flashing; and the Moods function of the app is great for subtle evening and night lighting. I hope that Hue Disco evolves into a fully fledged controller soon, and then I can replace the Philips app altogether.

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