• 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great, improves on the P5.

    These really are a step up from the P5. They sound fantastic, every bit as good as B&W claim. Noticable improvement from the P5.
    Very comfortable to wear, even for long periods. The cable has improved from that of the P5 as well. Overall I'm impressed with them.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Class leaders by far!

    After much waiting and numerous auditions of different types of headphones at more or less the the same price range finally made the decision and bought them on UK launch date. These are absolutley amazing pair of cans. You might get a few envious looks if you travel a lot as people can easily recognise them from the size and the black brushed aluminium sides. Don't think twice if you are okay with the price. You won't regret a bit!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Quite simply, the best headphones on the market at this price range.

    I have previously owned the P5's which I loved, but the P7's have smashed the competition even further. Style and performance go hand in hand with this product, and any audiophile will be extremely satisfied if they had a pair of these under their christmas tree this year!

    * * * * *

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    The most versatile, best quality headphones in my opinion

    In the past 3 months I've been through 5 pairs of headphone: Beats Studio 2.0, Monster Inspirations Bose QC15's, B&W P5's and these P7's.

    The P7's have the best sound quality of the lot - Clarity is amazing, but be warned your music needs to be 320kbps or FLAC - anything less and you will hear distortion that no other headphones pick up on!

    The bass is excellent, but its not as simple as that. If you plug these into an iPhone and listen to something like dubstep or hip hop the bass is great, but it doesn't blow your head off like the Monsters or the original Beats Studios (the 2.0's are the worst headphones i've ever used, steer well clear). This is because those headphones are powered and amplified. However, if you plug these P7's into a Macbook and have a good EQ (try "Boom" from the app store - its worth the £1.49 even if you don't buy these headphones"), then these can handle a HUGE amount of bass.

    In terms of noise cancelling, these don't have it which i don't mind - I was looking for pure headphones with no extra tech. If you want noise cancelling on ear headphones, get the Bose QC15's. They're best by far - Their only flaw is the lack of bass.

    The build quality of these is great - Premium soft leather and good quality metal (stainless steel i think). One thing to watch out for - The oval bit around each ear cup that says Bowers and Wilkins has a chamfered edge that nicks quite easily (think black iPhone 5) the P5's don't suffer from this for some reason. Because the design is so beautiful, it can be annoying when you get the first mark but i've learned to live with it. A small price to pay for the best headphones ever (that i've tried!) and after you get a few marks it actually doesn't look as bad if that makes sense.

    In summary for a pure listening experience of a variety of music, buy these. I think the amount these cost relative to the competition makes these a bargain (they're around 30% more expensive, but 50-80% better). However the actual price is painfully high - All headphones seem to be inflated these days so it's up to you if you want to spend the money - I for one am happy i did. I hope this helps!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Worth the wait

    I wanted a pair of over ear phones for home listening. I'd been hitting audiophile stores and was looking at prices of around £500. Happened to be in a London store and tried the P7's bought them on the spot as price against performance it was an obvious buy.
    Comfort: cushioning is firm to begin with, but softens after about 10 hours use - a couple of weeks I guess for me. It takes a similar length of time for them to run in, so not such a problem.
    Build: very well made. Leather over the head and ears (or a very good faux if not). Adjustment range is excellent from my wife's twang tiny head to my massive bonce. The cups are held with magnets and can be removed for cleaning or to swap out the cable to non iPhone type (i.e. without a microphone). Finish is beautiful and slick with alloys and brushed metals giving a great quality finish. A case allows them to be stored well and they fold to minimise the storage space when not in use.
    Sound: the important bit I left til last! In a word, brilliant. Soundstage is very wide with amazing separation voices are clear and distinct with spacing around them. Detail heard in tracks is very good - belies a phone much pricier. High end remains clear and controlled at all times with no cracking or fade which you get at this price normally. Bass is good natural and detailed. Not the uncontrolled over engineered dull thump you get from Beats/Monster combo. They've a bass the muffles out midrange and blurs sounds. Not the case with the P7. Indeed the bass works with the midrange giving a clarity and detail that's a real pleasure. No matter what I play from a rich deep bass heavy lulu rogue minimal dub sound right through to disco or funk. The spoken word has a richness and classical music amazing detail. I would say, get yourself some demo tracks together in 320k or greater if you can and go listen to them in a store. You'll buy them too. Beautiful sound for the price and great when compared to many at a price almost double. Good job b&w.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Greatest sound quality!

    Expensive! but certainly the best headphones you will ever purchase in terms of acoustic sound quality (practically like having Hi-Fi speakers attached to your ears) and overall design.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Look no further!

    if you are looking for a quality headphone which delivers amazing sound and design then look no further than this B&W P7 Headphone, after owning its little brother the P5 since its release i haven't felt the need for any other headphone until these beauties got released. This truly is british engineering & design which hasn't yet been lost. i really don't wish to go on about the design of these when you have the best possible description above! (PHOTO), but instead i want to talk about something you cant see. Sound! there is no product out there which delivers depth and diversity though all genres of music like these do! lets not ignore the price tag though its not cheap but you are getting totally what you are paying for, they aren't just headphones for professionals, there headphones for people a love music!

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Not a perfect product

    I am also someone who doesn't often write reviews but after owning these headphones now for a good length of time, I believe I can give an accurate and honest opinion. Let's keep it simple...

    - Good natural, warm and detailed sound with good bass
    - Lovely solid and good quality durable materials

    - Hot and steamy ear cups after a short while of listening
    - Heavy on the head
    - Terrible Case. It's like squeezing a months worth of washing into a washing machine.
    - Headphone jack is poorly designed, sometimes causing me to lose connection to my device because of it's nature 180 degree angle
    - Poor isolation

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