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    THE most effective assistive music technology

    • Written by from London

    Although fairly new to Skoog i can say without doubt that it is the most effective and user friendly assistive music technology I have every used. From the second it's plugged in it's all systems go and you can start using this intuitive device straight away.
    Not only is the usability of the software excellent the breadth of options that this little instrument offers is incredible. From instrument to sound effects to sampler the Skoog makes creating music with people with disabilities a natural process.
    I could outline every function in this review but it'd be lost - all I can truly say is get one, you won't be disappointed. Never used technology before? get one it's the most intuitive device I've come across. Work with people with limited movement? get one, you can sett the Skoog so anyone can play it. Work with high functioning individuals with complex social needs - get one, improve self esteem and self confidence almost immediately. You won't be disappointed.

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    The Skoog - A fun and creative component of music making

    • Written by from Edinburgh

    As a musician, community music practitioner and music teacher, I have found the Skoog to be a versatile and accessible instrument that can be used in all areas of my work. In my experience, the Skoog can be accessed by all age groups, and is excellent for development in concentration, listening and motor skills, colour recognition and building confidence. Some of the sessions I have used the Skoog in are with pre-school children, working on a music project in a recording studio with a group of teenagers, an amateur rock band, and in one to one sessions with older people living in care homes.
    Overall the Skoog is an essential part of my music kit, as it can provide variety in group music sessions, encourage and enhance individual creativity, and most importantly, it is great fun to play!

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    A great tool for the musician/teacher looking to engage people with SEND

    • Written by from Gateshead

    I have been a community musician specialising in work with people with SEND of all ages for 12.5 years and regularly use my Skoog as part of my 'toolkit'. Skoog is a flexible, user friendly instrument with simple to use software (with 21 built in sounds) and plenty of online support (via SkoogMusic.com), including an abundance of free resources, lesson plans and tips and tricks videos to help you learn how to use it.
    The form of the Skoog is engaging, participants are curious to hold, touch and play with it - the 'squishy' foam also means that participants are able to engage however they are able, without fear of injury or damage to the equipment. It's also easy to clean!
    As a wired device Skoog is best used with an active USB extension cable (I use a 5m one) and when supporting participants to engage it's also important to ensure the wire will not be damaged, but if you look after how it is used this shouldn't be a problem.
    The controls around sensitivity of the device provided by the (excellent) software mean that you are able to adapt the Skoog to the needs of individuals. You can save settings and then reload when each individual is using it. Software is not resource heavy and should work with school level IT (I run SkoogMusic, SoundPlant,Reason, USB Keys and Jack Audio all at the same time!).
    Sounds provided are high quality, physically modelled sounds - it is also useable as a MIDI controller should you wish to do that, and provides a sampler in which you can record your own sounds which will map samples to notes if you require that.
    I use Skoog as a solo instrument (you can map the 5 faces to any notes or pre select scales from menu), as a percussion instrument (using the great drum/perc sounds available) and (by using the sampler) as an accessible singing device for those unable to vocalise themselves.

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    Good but still needs improvement

    • Written by from Bristol

    The Skoog is an innovative piece of kit, fairly durable, pleasant to manipulate and aesthetically pleasing. It is not totally accessible to everyone, with touch sensitive parts at all angles you do need to reach around the back to play some notes something that is especially problematic to those who might like to play the Skoog with their chin / head / knees etc., this is something that does reduce its accessibility to some. Being based on a type of sound synthesis known as physical modelling the skoog does have a fair degree of expression, but unfortunately the sounds are not amazing. The ability to output MIDI from the software is useful and goes someway to addressing the quality of the sounds provided by the PeRcolate physical modelling engine. The software itself is fairly easy to use and should go a fair way to getting those less comfortable with music technology (i.e teachers) making music in their classrooms. Unfortunately, as with most technology aimed at those with special educational needs and disabilities, the Skoog is fairly expensive for what it is.

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    Working with Skoog

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    I have been using Skoog now for nearly 4 years and it has become an intregal part of my music technology to enable the young people I work with, who have varying degrees of ASN both physical and across the cognitive continuum, to achieve great success in musical activities. They are able to have greater exam success but perhaps even more importantly they have increased confidence and are willing to tackle challenges where previously they would have given up. Skoog has helped to enable pupils to take part in events with mainstream pupils such as the Cultural Olympiad in London in 2012 and recently taking part in National Music Youth Festival.
    I have also used Skoog with the elderly and have been impressed by the reactions of people with dementia where they have been focussed for a longer period of time working in a group situation or in a 1 to 1 situation with myself.
    Another important point about Skoog is that it can be used to encourage communication.
    I consider Skoog a valuable tool when developing and encouraging musical activity.

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    Sensational skoog

    • Written by from Cambridge

    The Skoog is sensational. A liberating piece of hardware and backed up with superb tools and support. We use it at The Songwriting Charity. And we love it.

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