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    Its not rocket science!

    Batteries do not last a life time and most the people on here writing bad reviews clearly do not how to use them!

    I've had my battery for 3 years now, 521 cycles and now is ready for replacement. Theses batteries are good if you know how to use them, for example, do not have your AC permanently attached if you are using your MacBook Pro-remove your battery so as not to over charge>that wastes the battery! Use your common sense guys and don't listen to the bad reviews, its not rocket science!

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    3 years, 440 cycles & 50% (fair) health

    Rechargeable batteries don't last forever but you should get good usage for approximately 3 years. My 15" Pro (circa early 2008) has been used almost every day since I got it, both on and off charge and has given me many hours on battery up until the past few months so I think I have finally exhausted it. For the first couple of years the battery would last 3-5 hours depending upon use, now I'm lucky to get over an hour out of a single charge. So I need to replace the battery but I'm reluctant to pay £100 - does it really need to cost this much ?

    iStatPro is a pretty widget for measuring battery health.

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    Battery Life Misery, after 'only' 2+1/2 years

    My mbp 15inch is about 2 1/2 years old now, the battery is dying out and lasts for very limited time without AC... But this time is actually far better than the Sony Vaio i had previously, which lasted less than 1 year... (i guess it is advances in battery design, much like processing power or whatever).

    As with all the rechargeable batteries on the market, they do lose the ability to work after a while, the battery itself is pretty good, seems to work well up until now. And unfortunately i have to buy another one... I cant rate it as 1 star because of the expected loss of power after a certain number of power cycles...

    I like the little power display light on it too, very useful.

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    Macbook Pro Battery

    OK its 2 years since I got my 15" MBP, and my battery has now started to reduce in life from the initial 4 hrs to 2 hrs after charge, dropping down to 1hr half on use.
    Not bad when all considered but a replacement price of £100 is always a bit stiff.

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    MBP 1.1 juni 2006, Now the battery is 1167 cycles, and app. 49 % health, holds 1.5 hours, but scared to buy a new...

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    A good battery for the specs.

    These batteries had a few faults early on in the Macbook Pro developmental cycle. Sony created batteries for almost 3/4 of all notebooks on the market and this was the reason so many systems were failing at that time, they all had Sony defective batteries. Now Apple's latest battery for the Macbook Pro is free from the problems of the previous ones and I have had a MBP battery for over 400 cycles which still works well. The battery life is what you'd expect from a system with a desktop CPU and an internal graphics card. Sadly people don't really know what to expect from a system due to their lack of technical knowledge so I thought I would post this review to try to provide an even keeled review rather than simply stating that batteries stink. This current battery is good and I have bought another since to last me through the next few years.

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    As good as any li-on batteries out there

    I have just replaced my three year old MBP battery. After nearly 500 cycles it was down to 50% of its original capacity. Current battery technology is still far from perfect. The batteries that Apple supplies are as good as any on the market. Not cheap but as good as they come.

    You need to be realistic about batteries, they are still considered by the industry to be consumables. Expect to replace it once in a while.

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    Good battery

    In response to GB from Bury this is a 5550mAh battery and battery life will be largely dependent on your hardware and how you use it so I can only say how it behaves on my MBP.

    I'm running a 12 months old MBP bought in Nov'07 with a 2.6GHz CPU and I have WI-FI (802.11n) and Bluetooth on all the time. Also I listen to music most of the time I'm using the computer, including when on battery power.

    I get about 2:30 hours of use of this battery in normal/heavy usage and when only browsing the web and doing lighter stuff I can get up to 4 hours. I suppose if I dimmed the screen and disabled some of the radios I would get close to the claimed 5 hours of battery life out of it.

    The original battery on my MBP is now 12 months old, has 70 charge cycles and holds 93% of the maximum capacity. It has oscillated over time hitting a low of 87% of charge held but after a few calibrations it went back to over 90%.

    People that complain that their battery deteriorates too quickly should probably try doing some maintenance on their batteries. Apple's batteries are provided by Sony and they also provide batteries to a large number of laptop manufacturers so there's nothing different between the battery you get for the MBP and the ones you will get for some PC brands and if you don't do maintenance on the PC laptops as well you will find out that their batteries deteriorate as quickly as the ones in the Apple machines.

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    Macbook Pro battery losing power

    My MacBook Pro is only 9 months old and for the last 2 months I have had reducing battery life. I was looking to buy a new one but thought I would check the reviews first which is where I clocked the Apple Support route and hey presto - after a few checks I am being sent a replacement under warranty.

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    Notes about the previous reviews

    When I first got my Macbook Pro back in April 2006, the battery sucked, but then there was a battery replacement program, which Apple exchanged the batteries very promptly.

    I have now had this laptop for 2 years and the battery, although not up to its old standard, is still going strong.

    I suggest that people should check if they are eligible for a replacement before submitting a review.

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    Almost but not quite

    Migrated to a Macbook Pro 15" in December 2006 from a G4 Ibook.

    Battery life so far has been Good. Sure i need to turn off Wifi and Bluetooth, and turn down the screen backlight when running from battery.
    But have happily worked aware on a 4 hr train journey running MS Word for Mac without a problem, only other app running was Itunes.

    Charge times are a little lackluster, 2hrs from empty to full.

    Compared to my previous Mac, the battery life is not as good. But i am happy with my first Pro Apple Computer.

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    Batterys are fine

    I got a MacBook Pro august '06 and after ~150 cycles now it still works fine, i get about 2 1/2 hours before it put the mac to sleep to save work.
    I also have a powerbook G4 and after 2 years of using the battery and then using it more as a server and leaving it plugged in all the time, the battery died altogether so now i always take the battery out of my MBP when its charged to save it from that fate for a bit longer!

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