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    Battery Replaced Free

    My battery has been giving problems for ages so today I went to my nearest Apple Store. On checking my battery they agreed to replace it free of charge. My MacbookPro is 4 months out of warranty but I do have AppleCare. I was told that batteries are not covered by AppleCare as they are an expendable item but they still replaced it for free.

    2** for the battery, 5***** for Apple

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    I have had my Mac Book Pro for 2 years now and the battery has developed the problem that so many people seemed to have experienced. I have been fastidious about re-calibrating it in accordance with the instructions but in spite of this and after only 170 cycles (approx, now at 179) it will not hold a charge for more than 30 minutes and shuts down without warning. My brother-in-law has experienced the same and eventually had to buy a new battery, I have yet to approach Apple for a replacement at the very least hope to get 50% off a new one. I take it that the battery for the 15" version fits the 17" - it would be helpful if this was clear. Final Comment: A pity that such a great product should have its reputation sullied by poor battery performance.

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    battery concerns...

    I've had my 15' Macbook Pro for 4 months now and am now on my second battery after the first one ceased working altogether on 100% charge. The replacement battery began its life at 98% capacity, and after 4 charge cycles, (one of which was calibration) its capacity has now dropped to 96% and has dropped more every time I look. I have real concerns over these batteries...

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