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    no problems

    We bought 16 macbook pros for the team at work, and we haven't had a single defective battery. We've got some spare batteries, too, and they all work.

    I'm about to buy another battery for a colleague who's flying economy class to Australia - I really don't think that the negative reviews here are representative.

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    Why won't you replace your faulty batteries???

    My 15" Macbook Pro was near the first run that had their batteries recalled. Yet my battery lasts a mere 30 secs without being connected to the mains, before shutting off the computer with no warnings. This is clearly faulty! And I can see by this forum that I am not alone on this issue!

    Please replace our batteries Apple!

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    Notes about the previous reviews

    When I first got my Macbook Pro back in April 2006, the battery sucked, but then there was a battery replacement program, which Apple exchanged the batteries very promptly.

    I have now had this laptop for 2 years and the battery, although not up to its old standard, is still going strong.

    I suggest that people should check if they are eligible for a replacement before submitting a review.

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    worse battery ever

    I have had Mac laptops since the 2nd model ever (can't even remember the name of it; it had a roller-ball for a mouse). I had the following model, a black, very friendly to the touch. Then 2 Powerbooks. Never had any problems with battery life, till I bought a MacBook Pro 15". Now, only 14 months later, the battery lasts only 25 min. And they won't even change it for me. For God's sake, Apple, do something about it!

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    I bought my MacBook Pro back in Sept 2006 and i am now experiencing problems.
    so today i called Apple on the of chance of getting a replacement (i have 3 year Apple Care) and was surprised that they where more than happy to send a new on asap free of charge.

    These batteries are designed to last for 300 cycles (before starting to 'decay') and if they are falling below par before you reach this number give apple a call and if you have apple care you will undoubtedly be surprised and if not they are always helpful and you never know!!!

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    useless battery

    After one year the computer does not work if not plugged into the mains. How hopeless is that? One cannot give a nil star rating, but that is what this battery product deserves.

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    I have had my Mac Book Pro for 2 years now and the battery has developed the problem that so many people seemed to have experienced. I have been fastidious about re-calibrating it in accordance with the instructions but in spite of this and after only 170 cycles (approx, now at 179) it will not hold a charge for more than 30 minutes and shuts down without warning. My brother-in-law has experienced the same and eventually had to buy a new battery, I have yet to approach Apple for a replacement at the very least hope to get 50% off a new one. I take it that the battery for the 15" version fits the 17" - it would be helpful if this was clear. Final Comment: A pity that such a great product should have its reputation sullied by poor battery performance.

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    Poor show Apple!

    For those lucky few of you who've experienced a trouble free year or so with your Mac, Take Note.

    I have had my Mac now for 18 months, and in the past 3 weeks, my battery health has dropped from 85% to 36%, it is only able to hold charge now for between 25-40 mins, and because I am 70 cycles to many over the agreed limit, Apple will not replace my battery.

    Poor show Apple, as I expected better things!

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    The battery

    I have noticed that the health of the battery drop the longer it is hooked up to the charger. More the cycles it goes through better its health. There are some battery recovery chargers, that charge and empty the battery in a continuous loop. I think Apple should put something like that in to the MacBook Pro, so it would maintain the battery health automatically.

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    Bad battery

    bought my macbook pro in july of 06....6 months later my battery goes bad, apple replaced it and all was fine. after about another year of usage the replacement battery will not hold a charge for more then 30 minutes. Go with thrid party because apple's battery is sub par.

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    Excellent customer service.

    I've had my MacBook Pro since February 2007, making it exactly a year old. Over the last two weeks the battery capacity has steadily declined, and I now get an hour of charge at the most. I took it to the Lakeside Apple Store, where I discovered the warranty ran out yesterday. The Genius I dealt with was kind enough to replace it for free anyway. Way to go Apple, I'm impressed with your customer service...just a shame the batteries aren't up to the same standard as the rest of the hardware.

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    Some satisfaction

    Like a majority of the reviews here my battery also was faulty, after only 6 months and 41 cycles it lasted about 5 minutes before shutting down with no warning.

    To be fair to Apple I phoned their technical support who checked my system information over the phone and agreed to replace it with a new one straight away.
    Lets hope the replacement works OK!

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    I bought my Macbook Pro in July 2006 just after the replacement program finished. It has never held a charge for more than 2 hours, and in the last few months the power has been cutting out with no warning, losing all unsaved changes. This has been happening increasingly soon after turning on the computer, now within 3 minutes of power up.

    I took it to a 'Genius Bar' today and they said it was a poor connection as the battery logistics were normal. However when they swapped out the battery the computer worked fine. I am now looking for a 3rd party battery as the apple ones are rubbish and cost £100 which is a joke. I can't believe an £1800 computer can have such poor components. What use is a laptop that you have to plug in?

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    Not Faulty Connection

    Until I read these reviews I was convinced that my MacBook pro had a faulty connection to the battery as it was lasting sometimes only 5 mins before shutting down without warning. I thought it couldn't possible be the battery as the battery is less than a year old. Now I know better. Meantime I have bought a new Dell laptop. The good news is now I now I realise that I can spend a £100 on a new battery!

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    Just want to echo other reviews, bought my macbook pro when they first appeared and a few days ago the battery packed up for good, rubbbish...

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    Poor quality

    Have been a big fan of Apple since 1993 and have sworn by them for my business (including networking). However, Apple batteries are really letting down the brand. Like many of the other reviewers here, after a free battery replacement by Apple for a dodgy batch soon after I got my MacBook Pro, I've been using my laptop on a daily basis for about a year and a half but have never managed to get more than about 2 hours out of it. Now, I'm getting about 20 mins then it dies without warning. Have been on to the Apple Care people who have said it's simply worn out and I have to pay for a replacement.

    On the other hand, we needed to buy a PC laptop to run our accounts programme (plus the usual Microsoft Office suite). We bought a Dell and the battery for this lasts in excess of 4 hours, no worries. How come the lowly PC people are scoring over Apple?

    Come on Apple, sort out your batteries - they're rubbish, they're over-priced, and they're losing you the support of even the most avid Apple fans.

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    I just bought a macbook - second hand but beautifully looked after - less than a year old. Was told that everything was perfect... but that obviously did not include battery life. I have been unable to get more than 30 minutes out of mine and - alas - I was resigned to buy a new battery - but like everything in the UK - it is hugely overpriced and more than three times what it costs in the US. And... after having read the other reviews here, it looks like it won't be money well spent...

    Come on Apple... Your Macbook Pros are supposed to be state of the art... Get the basics right please!

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    i WAS going to ask santa for a new battery..

    my laptop is just a little over a year old, i use it on a day to day basis recently the battery life away from the mains hasn't lasted past 20minutes. after reading the reviews here i may just save santa £100 by NOT buying a replacement.

    will apple be fixing this problem in the near future?

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    I purchased my mac book pro a little over a year ago and have had nothing but problems ever since. I, like many others, believed buying an Apple would make life easier...how wrong I was! Firstly the screen went, and was subsequently replaced, then the charger, which was also replaced (but not without long trips to my 'nearest' Apple store). Then, funnily enough, within a week of my warranty running out the screen went again, and the battery died...rather convenient. Now I am faced with a bill of hundreds of pounds, after having spent over a thousand in the first place! Maybe I ought to just spend the money on a PC, at least the hardware is reliable even if the software is something to be desired!

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    Battery Life

    I can't be too damming as apple did replace my original battery free of a charge - however my present one has done 326 cycles and life is now down to 51% (not the 80% I think apple state it should be) could be better. Things look good when I start working on battery power but all of a sudden the battery level goes from about 60% to about 10% in only a few minutes - it still give me warnings about to shut down however. It would be nice if when details were quoted for batteries the details were for realistic use and not 'best practice' as we all live in the real world and if the price of batteries was a little more reasonable as we have not choice but to replace them when they do eventually fail. I have had a lot of different laptops and my macbook pro has had the most reliable battery with the exception of only one which considering the hammering it gets is very good.

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