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    Shame you can't give 0 stars

    What is going on at Apple... I'm on battery number 4!!! Its only about 3 months old and already its roughly 1% per minute. Its depressing to watch the numbers drop. This is a joke for such an expensive piece of gear as a MacBook Pro.

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    Worked fine for 20 months but problems at the end

    I bought my Mac almost two years ago and I've had no problems until the battery started to reach then end of its natural life (278 cycles, Apple reckon it's worn out anyway at 300 cycles).
    The first clue was the computer starting to just randomly shut down with apparently an hours worth of use left, and then more worrying the mouse would "stick" and activate or drag whatever application/window you were over at the time. It turns out that when the battery is old it "swells" and as it is sited underneath the trackpad/mouse can cause these sorts of problems.
    In summary I think the battery lasted reasonably well but I found out that the battery was past it only when I thought my expensive laptop was broken first!

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    Bad Bad Bad!!

    About 4 months ago, I was using my Mac to print, and it suddenly just shutdown. No warning, nothing. Even though battery apparently had full charge. This has continued to happen ever since.

    I highly recommend the Mac Book Pro. I've had mine for 18 months now, use it daily for work and take it to its limit for very high res image editing. Works really well.

    This issue has not stopped me using the Mac, but I simply have to have it plugged into mains all the time. Rubbish.

    This is such a huge negative for a piece of kit that (otherwise) looks and works stunningly.

    Sort it out Apple!

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    These turn a great laptop into a very average desktop

    Mine says it has over 2 hours left then my MBP shuts down without warning after ten minutes.

    I signed up to have it replaced under the program for the bad batch but after four weeks and an hour and a half on the phone to Applecare, I'm still waiting. Funny they ship in 24 hours from the Apple Store!

    Meanwhile I'm growing to like Windows Vista.

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    Love my Macbook pro, but like everyone posting have the same issues with the battery. 1.5H and then auto-shutdown. not intedning to pay £100 quid for a new one, but it is no longer a portable. its only 7 months old too.

    any suggestions?

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    very disappointed with mac book pro's battery and power cord

    I bought my macbookpro 1.1 more than a year ago and now the battery's dead. It never lasted for 3 hours, and in the end it would only last for 1 hour or 30 minutes. Then it started to shut down by itself, with no warning.
    The laptop needs to be plugged in at all times which makes of it a desktop computer.
    Now I have to buy another battery.
    And as if it wasn't enough, the power cord is getting loose and I had to mend it with sello tape before anyone would get hurt/electrified.

    I bought a mac because I thought they were trustworthy and value for money. I thought it would be the computer of my dreams. And now I have to spend more money because I need a computer to carry around rather than a desktop one.

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    I have my 15inch MBP little over a year now. My battery lasts an hour and switches off without warning. I have bought two power cords as they keep breaking, that cost me £120. Now another £100 for a battery. After nearly eight years of using Apple products my MBP will be the last laptop I will buy from Apple until they they make improvements.

    Very disappointing...

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    Failing battery also

    this is ridiculous my mac book pro cost me just under £2,000 in april 06
    and now i cannot work without the Ac plug in
    and £100 for a new battery sort it out apple

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    My battery is failing too...

    I can't believe we band of brothers are here on the Apple site, all with the same problem.

    Surely Apple is aware of this -- and if not, why not?

    Really, all these batteries should be swapped gratis for something better, and a BIG warning placed on the online storefront.

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    Batteries stinks!!!

    I bought my MacBook Pro 3 months ago and everything was fine until a few weeks when my computer started to shut down without any advertisement. Right now I can not work on my mac if it is not connected to electricity power. I thik that Apple should be aware of the problem and replace all this kind of batteries.

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    Battery Problems

    I have had my macbook pro since feb 07. I am too experiencing short battery life and ever increasing random shutdowns when not plugged into AC. Perhaps Apple should start thinking about customers who use their products for a living instead of diverting their resources to pointless products like iphone. Arrogance and doing things on the cheap will lose you many customers if you don't get your act together

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    no stars should be the true rating, like everybody else i experience automatic turning off of the computer with 90-95% of the battery apparently still remaining. does not hold any length of time over 10 minutes, and this is a replacement battery due to an apple recall earlier in the year.most inconvenient for an apparent "laptop" that it now needs plugged in anytime i use it.

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    Makes You Want To Cry

    Love the software and the MacBook Pro, hate the battery... after 30 cycles it's started to zap off without warning whilst indicating 40 minutes remaining on battery, despite calibration, no warning. I should be getting a new one free but I do wonder how long this will last. Achilles Heel. A basic design flaw of the fabled Mac... shame shame shame.

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    Hmmmmmmm not good

    I bought my macbook pro earlier this year (around March) and this week it has started to power off without warning on battery power. Now, It will only hold a max of 1h 30min battery power. I have always fully charged and discharged and it has only done 130 cycles, very poor. I have had various laptops (PC) all of which have had ok battery life. After switching to mac and spending 1300 quid on this product I expected better from Apple. I hate to say this but if this doesn't get resolved I will be forced back to the world of PC, never to return again...

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    battery concerns...

    I've had my 15' Macbook Pro for 4 months now and am now on my second battery after the first one ceased working altogether on 100% charge. The replacement battery began its life at 98% capacity, and after 4 charge cycles, (one of which was calibration) its capacity has now dropped to 96% and has dropped more every time I look. I have real concerns over these batteries...

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    Really poor...

    I am a great supporter of Apple products and have been for the last 15 years, but these batteries are terrible! I have owned my MacBook Pro for just over a year - after 6 months the battery usage was just over an hour, and for the past 3 months it seems not to hold any charge. Usage is down to 5-10minutes max. Not only that but there is no warning that this is happening - the machine simply switches off with no chance to save anything. The percentage icon will show 60-70% charge remaining yet will only boot up if plugged in. I thought it was a rogue battery but checked the serial number and I don't qualify for the Battery Exchange Program - then I looked at the US Apple website and the battery reviews. Crikey, I am not alone! This seems to be a widespread problem. The Apple Support people just tell you to buy a new battery (£99 here, US$129 in the States?). Somebody at Apple must surely be aware this is happening?

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    Apple Battery Exchange

    If you bought your Macbook Pro between Feb & May 06, you may be entitled to a replacement battery free of charge due to a design fault in the battery. You can search for this using a search engine or go directly though the apple support site.

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    Almost but not quite

    Migrated to a Macbook Pro 15" in December 2006 from a G4 Ibook.

    Battery life so far has been Good. Sure i need to turn off Wifi and Bluetooth, and turn down the screen backlight when running from battery.
    But have happily worked aware on a 4 hr train journey running MS Word for Mac without a problem, only other app running was Itunes.

    Charge times are a little lackluster, 2hrs from empty to full.

    Compared to my previous Mac, the battery life is not as good. But i am happy with my first Pro Apple Computer.

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    battery life

    the mac book pro's are grate but i advise you get the extra cover as i have had my mac book under 12 months and i am now am on my 3rd battery the first one was re-called by apple because of a over heating probles, the seconde one just died, first it stoped working just after it had been charged or when it was hot but once it had cooled it worked again and now the computer say's its fully charged and so dose the tester on the battery how ever remove the power adapter and it stops dead with in 3 seconds. folowed all the steps on the apple web site and still no luck so i hope that the 3rd one lasts longer

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    Love the Mac

    Bought my MacBook pro 2.13 ghz in December. I'm in love it with, being the first one I own, always had windows. After 190 cycles today (I'm a student), the battery has 90% health and will do 2hrs easily. Love it! I'm looking at buying a new battery because I know eventually I will need it. But realised not any time soon!

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