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    Several years of good use

    I have just started having trouble with my battery and the System Profiler says the health of the batter is poor. But it has done 707 cycles and from the look of the other people posting on these reviews, this is pretty good. I have had the computer for about four years and have used it very heavily for the last two years as it is now my only computer and runs for at about 8 hours a day. I may find my next battery is as bad as those spoken about here by others, but I hope not and I just wanted to add a very positive review amongst all the doom and gloom. Not all batteries for MacBook Pros are bad news. I would love to hear what is the best practice for keeping a battery in good condition. I run mine until I get a warning that it needs plugging in, then I power up till fully charged, then I remove the cable. Is that good practice? Or have I just been very lucky!

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    expensive trash!!!

    I bought my mb pro in October 2007. the first battery lasted 3 months and 15 cycles, the second 18 months max and 100 cycles, the third about 8 months and 40 cycles. I'm not impressed at all. those were all on applecare warranty thankfully - this next one is going to cost me a lot and probably not last a year. But I need it to use what has been an otherwise good laptop. Shame on Apple.

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    Most disappointing thing about apple

    That is it the third battery has died after only 101 cycles where they are supposed to do 300!

    I am not overly tough on the battery and do try to fully discharge it regularly to keep it healthy. I am now in the middle of a business trip with no access to an apple store and I am boned again by the quality of the battery. Disappointed does just not cover it any more the core utilities of a laptop that help it fulfil its purpose should be without fault!

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    Worse than poor!

    I bought my Mac Book Pro 15 in 2007, since then I have replaced the battery two times and am now forced to buy another one or buy a new laptop.

    I know that hardware fails and nothing lasts forever, but I just would advise people to look at other alternatives than Apple, no customer service and a poor product life (battery). Looks great and still runs the apps well but just not happy with the battery life.

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    Lasts for ages

    Seems that people can only be bothered to post bad reviews so here goes...

    This battery is great. First, it doesn't last for ever but show me a battery that does. Second, it takes a lot of use and abuse.

    I have had my macbook pro now for over three and a half years and I am nearing the end of the life of my second battery. I use my computer every day for 8-10 hours straight, sometimes even 12-14 as it's my main computer for my home business. Given the amount of use it's had I'd say I've done pretty well out of it. I reckon it to be well over 5000 hours of uses for each battery I've had and has allowed me to keep my computer running and therefore grow my business. I'd definitely stick with apple and therefore definitely buy another battery for mine when it's reached the end of it's life.

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    My MacBook Pro battery doesn't hold power anymore and i definitely need to get a new battery now. I consider this a defect in the Apple brand. I don't know if Apple is aware of this deterrent which could well affect its Sales. It is frustrating because i consider the cost of acquiring a new battery in less than 2yrs of acquiring my MacBook as part of the Total Cost. Apple should do something about this.

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    Just horrible

    I have my MBP since early 2008 and now the battery dies after 5 minutes and shuts down my mac without a warning. I have never made any high demands on the battery but yet it is just bad. Don't buy this. Definitely not worth £100.

    So now my Mac is useless without a plug nearby. I already have to suffer from the Nvidia GPU. Apple could at least do us a favour and do something about these horrible batteries!

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    Poor Poor Poor

    As a bit of an Apple fan boy I have numerous products, and have never had cause for complaint other than the battery.

    I have been through 3 now, two apple and one third party, they all last just as long, or should i say as short, never more than 9/10 months and heat up very fast

    Only thing they are good for is keeping warm in the winter

    PLease Apple do something about this!!!!

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    Poor price; poor advice...

    My last review wasn't posted, which I think is unfair. I wasn't derogatory in any way...

    Nevertheless, here are the following issues, which I spoke of, that disappointed me about Apple's MacBook Pro battery:

    The price is too high. Half the current price still is a lot, but it would be reasonable and competitive.

    There are ways for customers to make their MacBook Pro batteries last longer; but this means not draining the battery frequently, and only using a fraction of the charge cycle. Sometimes, this isn't possible; e.g. when traveling. And as the cycles mount, your battery loses energy. It'd be better if your battery had the same chance of longevity regardless of using a full or marginal cycle.

    Customers should be made aware of the battery calibration process. It should be included with the battery. I hope the staff at Apple are reading this, because this is good advice. You'd probably get better feedback, and less customers feeling ripped off.

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    Could be better

    I have had this Macbook Pro 15 shortly after Apple first bought it out.

    First battery warped due to known defect so replaced by Apple.

    Second battery just died within a year and was discovered to have an internal fault also so was also replaced.

    Third battery has had 325 cycles and currently at 65% capacity but only lasting around 1hr depending on usage.

    Have been told to take battery out when connected for an extended period to extend its life. This opens the internals up to dust etc. I doubt Apple advise this with the current crop of laptops that have an internal battery.

    Is it possible to design a laptop so that once a battery is charged, the external power supply can be routed around the battery, but if disconnected the battery will automatically reconnect?

    I would have to assume that Apple have looked into this issue but have been unable to find a solution. Or as a conspiracy theorist might think, they left the problem as it is, so that customers have to spend more money.

    Kind of like the iPhone 4 aerial problem, bumpers were needed to be bought to solve the interference problems (bad press coverage changed this). Also people operating on Tiger needed to outlay more money to upgrade to Snow Leopard to configure their iPhone 4.

    I am very happy with Apple Customer service in store and the products in general. Just don't like being forced to spend more money on a product that should have been tested and problems solved before being launched.

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    Poor Battery

    Now on my third - please do something about this poor product - the reviews say it all.

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    I am on my 4th battery in 5 years

    This battery seems to last for about a year or less. I replaced the battery for the 4th time about a year ago and it now runs for 20 minutes before it dies. The store is under no obligation to sell you another one at a discounted price. I wish another company would make a better battery that I could be and that would fit the computer.

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    Yes, I'm very disappointed with this battery and the incredibly steep price for replacing it. I'm on my second battery and it has effectively been useless now for 6 months, and it's only a year and a half now. I refuse to go buy another expensive replacement 'cause the chances are it just won't last. It is unacceptable that Apple Computers, with the very advanced designs and innovations they come out with, allow themselves to stoop so low as to be on par with PC and Microsoft products!

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    Abysmally poor battery

    I've now had 3 of these batteries and without fail they will die after 1 year of use.

    For the second 2 I religiously followed the battery charging schedule written BY APPLE.

    My third one has now been removed after the innards explanded and pushed out the outer casing by over 1cm!

    Why is the performance of this so bad? And why are Apple charging £101 for it. They should be apologising and giving them away for free. Maybe implement an exchange system whereby you can return spent batteries and they will replace them for new.

    I would say don't buy this but you are unfortunately stuck as your MBP won't work without it.

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    1 year 69 cycles and now it's dead !!

    That stinks max!
    That was my second battrey - the first one went 500+ cycles, and lasted for approximately 3 years... then i bought an original battery, to be shure of 3 more years of operation... and i have had a schedule in iCal to be shure my battery didnt went "lazy" by hanging on external power all the time !!
    Bummer - so now i go for an unoriginal - you cant tell the difference anyway :-(

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    1 year, 142 cycles, and it's dead

    This really isn't good enough, and £100 to replace is unacceptable. I'm going to try a generic aftermarket battery, as it can't be much worse than this.

    I have used Apple computers for 25 years now, but perhaps it's time to check out. I'm really not happy at all.

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    Unacceptable quality for that kind of money

    Have a MacBookPro (APR '07) and I had to change the battery somewhere mid 2010. After a couple of months my new battery looks way to tired.

    Most of the times I wait until battery is fully discharged until I recharge it.

    Now I can use my Mac for about an hour or so.

    Very low quality of batteries for the monies requested.

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    Just poor battery life

    You're kidding right? Remove the battery when connected to a power source?? Come on, these aren't Radio Shack home-build machines, this is just poor product performance on Apple's part. Ridiculous.

    My battery is already a warranty replacement battery, and it's lasted 9 months before failing to charge fully, abrupt shot downs etc. 2.5 year old machine, and I'm looking at another replacement, number 3 in the short life of a laptop.

    First bad review of an Apple product I've ever felt compelled to write.

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    Its not rocket science!

    Batteries do not last a life time and most the people on here writing bad reviews clearly do not how to use them!

    I've had my battery for 3 years now, 521 cycles and now is ready for replacement. Theses batteries are good if you know how to use them, for example, do not have your AC permanently attached if you are using your MacBook Pro-remove your battery so as not to over charge>that wastes the battery! Use your common sense guys and don't listen to the bad reviews, its not rocket science!

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    My 15" pro only lasts about 1hr with the screen on minimum and 1/2 hour if I'm playing media.

    I tried calibrating it last night but it's still the same. Awful battery

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